Chance me? High GPA, low sat?

<p>I want to go to Lehigh University, but my SAT is not so great. I have a 1990 overall score.
CR: 630
M: 660
W: 690
Biology Molecular: 660
Math II: 610 (Low, I know!) </p>

<p>GPA unweighted is 4.0. (A average)
I have about 140 hours of community service. I'm in different clubs such as Art Club, Asian Club, Christian Fellowship Club and Literary Magazine. </p>

<p>I want to know my chances of getting in. Please help!</p>

<p>Id say your SAT is fine, though its unfortunate writing is your highest score, as I dont think Lehigh really looks at that. Its not low enough to be the reason you dont get in though.</p>

<p>i got in early decision to engineering with a 590 on m and a 590 on cr</p>