Chance Me? HS Class of 2020

Unweighted GPA: 3.63 (No APs but there are some higher level classes in there, I also got both a 4.0 and a 3.9 both semesters of Junior year, Freshman year was also rough)

ACT: 23 (24 if Pace superscores the ACT)

Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Swim Team, and DECA (JV in both sports, DECA is a business competition club)

I also did the Pace Summer Scholars Program in 2018 and received 3 credits and a $3,000 scholarship for Pace from that.


Where are you applying too? You can probably get into some low-mid tier schools, but don’t expect to get into top colleges.

Pace University

You should have no problem to be admitted to Pace, if you are full pay. Not sure if you will qualify for merit scholarship.

I was accepted with over $25,000 merit
GPA 3.6
ACT 23
no aps
2 dual enrollment
nursing major
2 varsity sports
2 jobs
hope this helps!

Congrats @seniorstudent20 !

I was accepted on 11/21 with a Presidential Scholarship for $24K per year and an additional $3K a year if I live on campus.


Unweighted GPA: 3.7 (3 APs and several honors)

ACT: 31

Extracurriculars: Theater, Competitive Speech and Debate, Competitive Acting, Interact (High School Rotary Club), started a computer club where we build our own computers, started a DND club and am creative lead and DM, started an anti-bullying club.