Chance me I BEG YOU!

Lit B/A
History A/A
Spanish B/C
Chem H B/C
Alg2/Trig C/C
UC GPA. 3.1 Average 10th Grade

Am Lit A/A
Photo1 A/A
Spanish 4H B/A
AP Bio A/A
Pre-Calc H B/A
UnCapped: 4.5
Capped: 4.33</p>

<p>UC GPA: Capped:3.77 UnCapped:3.86</p>

<p>I took 2 classes at my local Community College:
Physiology and Physics H: I got Both A’s
SO W/this my Capped GPA Is 3.79 and Uncapped is 3.92</p>


<p>SAT Math2 800
SAT Chem 800 Took this to “cancel” my fail in 10th
SAT BioE 800
SAT BioM 800
SAT US History 800
SAT Spanish 800 Took this to “cancel” my fail in 10th
SAT Physics 800 </p>

<p>AP Tests:11th
AP Bio 5</p>

<p>AP Tests:12(Possibly)
AP Gov
AP Econ
AP Calc BC
AP Spanish</p>

<p>12th Grade Classes:
Brit. Lit
AP Gov
Teachers Assistant
AP Macro/Micro Econ.
AP Spanish
AP Calc BC
Have all A’s as of this moment
Expected GPA Un-Capped will be 4.57</p>

.About 9 Years of Taekwondo:

  • I was an Intern two times.
  • Currently Have a Job
    -Bronze Medalist at Stanford
  • 3rd degree Black belt
    . Volunteered at Hospital for 1 Year
    . Volunteered at a senior center for over 1 Year
    . On Cross Country Team at School
    . Varsity Badminton at school
    . JV swimmer outside of school
    . Worked at the Library
    . Worked at Kumon
    . Officer for Astronomy Club At school
    . I know 1st Aid/CPR</p>

<p>I live in CA.
My school is in top 100 high schools in the Nation …</p>

<p>I took so many SAT 2’s because i need to compensate for my failure in 10th grade, and because I could take it.</p>

<p>I changed a lot between 10th and 11th grade. I am sure the my huge upward trend can help me when i apply.
So please give me feedback and ur opinions </p>

<p>Assuming I Write a kick ass essay, please chance me for these :stuck_out_tongue:
Want to get into:
Will Settle for:
HOPEFULLY: :stuck_out_tongue:

<p>It also depends on the Major you apply for... many are impacted, and thus, are very competitive GPA-wise.</p>

<p>What's your major?</p>

<p>I either want to be a doctor or an engineer.</p>

<p>To be honest, you will most likely get into UCSD, UCI, and UCD. UCLA should be a low reach.</p>

<p>For the $60... I'd apply to every UC that has the degree you want. In the schemes of it all, it's only 9 campuses that accept undergraduates ( I believe)... so $600 to apply is cheap.</p>