chance me? i will chance back :)

<p>Hi, I'm white and I go to a public school in connecticut. I'm middle class financially. What do you think are my chances? I will chance back...seriously I will lol</p>

<p>GPA: 4.75 (wierd weighting at my school)
Rank: 2 out of 266
AP's: US history (4), Language and composition (4), environmental science (4), taking stats and psych this year</p>

intrumental music (clarinet and violin)(9-12)
-concertmaster: concert band, chamber orchestra, pit orchestra
-regional and all state bands (11)
-principal clarinet, regional orchestra (12)- means I had the highest score of all clarinets that auditioned
-principle clarinet, wind ensemble at music school
-accepted as principle clarinet in youth orchestra at music school
-tri music honor society, secretary/treasurer
Theatre (9-12)
-multiple lead roles and large roles in the plays and musicals (Hairspray, medea, crucible, etc)
-thespian honor society
- top 32 novice and jv tournaments, out of 126 fencers
-varsity starter/substitute
FPS(future problem solving)- basically you get a scenario in the future, have to identify problems in it and solve the most important one
-semifinalist, state team competition
-first place, state conference action plan presentation
-trained state evaluator
Yellow Ribbon Club-suicide prevention club
-president, organize fundraisers for suicide awarness, etc
Others-lower committment
-spanish honor society (secretary)
-mu alpha theta, math honor society
-gay straight alliance
-writing club
-humanitarian aid club
Volunteer work- over 200 hours
-i tutor at a home for autistic adults
-library volunteer
-new haven symphony junior board- basically you assist backstage at new haven symphony concerts
-math summer school tutor</p>

<p>Essay- focused on how I learned accept myself as a band geek </p>

<p>Recs: I imagine their good. Math teacher of two years and a spanish teacher wrote them. </p>

<p>Bausch and Lomb Science Achievement award, sons of american revolution good character award</p>

<p>I would appreciate some honest feedback. Thank you</p>

<p>Your #s are great, your EC's are big average. Should have a decent chance with a good essay and rec's.</p>

<p>*a bit average for EC's.</p>