Chance me if you can :)

Hi! I applied to Caltech just for trying, because I didn’t think that I had any chances to get in. However, I thought that I wouldn’t get in Georgia Tech or the University of Wisconsin Madison and I did! Now I’d like to know if you think I can get in Caltech, although is obviously much harder.

Regular action
International applicant (South America, Venezuela)
GPA: 3.89 unweighted
Top 5%
SAT: 1860 (I know this isn’t good enough, but latinamericans tend to have a much lower score)
SAT Chemistry: 680
SAT Math II: 590
Played violin in individual classes and in the orchestra.
Played piano in individual classes
Was in Debate Speech and in Model of United Nations.
Won two silver medals in Regional Math Competitions
Got gold medals in every year of high school for academic excellence
Won a silver medal in a Storytelling scholar competition
Some voluntary work
I think that my essays are really good
I think that I have two good recommendations but two that are mediocre.

There’s no such thing as AP or Honors in my school, but the level for the general education is pretty advanced, and I explained that in Special Circumstances.

What do you think? Thank you!