Chance me if you don't mind

<p>I applied for regular admissions and was wondering what my chances looked like. Thanks for any replys!!!</p>

<p>Caucasian, male, middle-class, Chicago suburb, public school</p>

<p>Major: Physics

<p>ACT: 36 composite - 36 on math, science, reading and 35 on english
GPA: Weighted- 4.96 out of 6 Unweighted - 3.7
Rank: 30 out of 936
Senior Schedule: Staistics AP, Calculus BC AP, Computer Science AP, Physics C AP, English Lit & Comp AP, Independent Study with physics teacher about elementary particles
Rigor: Have taken the most AP courses out of my whole school
Past Classes: European History AP, Chemistry AP, Biology AP, US History AP, Spanish AP, English Lang & Comp AP, honors math for frosh-junior year, honors english for frosh-soph and highest level available for all other classes</p>

AP scholar with distinction
Baushc & Lomb Science Award
National Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta
Spanish Honors Society
Honor Roll every semester</p>

<p>Extra curriculars:
Math Team: Vice-president: placed 11th individually in state for geometry
Science Olympiad: Captain - first in state in my event
^^^Two extra curriculars that i am most devoted to
Peer tutor
did track for a year but was too busy to continue
Boy Scout - working on my eagle
Volunteer for police department's peer jury program
Have gone on work trips for past four years and do other volunteer work at church</p>

Common App: Wrote about my brother having cancer and how that molded who i am - wasnt the best
Supplement: the short takes went pretty well, the reason for yale was about the passion that students have, and the longer essay was aboutgoing on work trips over spring break and used a small idea as a recurring theme - All of them were pretty good
Teacher Rec #1: Really, really praising
Teacher Rec #2: Didn't see, but teacher apparently writes extremely good letters
Counselor rec: Assume that its good but no idea
Interview: I think it went pretty good, the lady was really nice</p>

<p>Hooks: none
Applied for financial Aid: yes
Race: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Type of school: Public
Size: Large - each grade is about 1,000 kids
Really competitive school</p>

<p>I appreciate any and all feedback, thanks for your time!</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat as you (perhaps you could chance me on my thread, but it's alright if you can't)... Obviously your standardized test scores are incredible, and that will take you far. The amount of time you have devoted to your passion for physics is impressive, and I hope you gave enough attention to that in your application for the app readers to have the same reaction. I'm not sure what else to say other than good luck and that from my perspective of limited knowledge, it seems like you have a great shot!</p>

<p>maybe like a 60% chance that you will get into atleast one ivy?</p>

<p>What many "chance threads" don't understand is that all selective colleges (Yale included) are looking for "character" -- and that cannot be gleaned from a laundry list of accomplishments and stats, such as yours.</p>

<p>"Character" is an old fashioned word that means the way you develop your inner qualities: intellectual passion, maturity, social conscience, concern for community, tolerance and inclusiveness. </p>

<p>Admissions Directors access character through what your teachers write about you in their recommendation letters, as well as your guidance counselor's SSR report and your essays. </p>

<p>So, what are your chances? As good as anyone's I guess, but SO MUCH depends on what others write about you, as well as how your essays come across.</p>

<p>Everything looks good, but I have to point out your GPA is definitely on the low side. How come? Is it because of the course load? Or the competitive school? Or a crappy freshman year,</p>

<p>I've gotten some B's in spanish but they were honors classes</p>