Chance me! I'LL CHANCE BACK!

<p>Demographics: Asian, NY
Sex: Female
Rank: HS doesn’t rank
Bio major…probs biomed engineering
SAT: 2230
Hooks: Extremely Difficult courseload, accelerated in most subjects, significant research
SATIIs: Bio 800, Chem 800, Math II 800 Math I 750 (curve sucked!! :P)
APs: Calculus AB- 5, US History- 5,Ap euro- 5 AP Scholar with Honor, Ap lang- 4 AP eco- 4 ap spanish-4 ap biology- 5 ap chem- 4, ap stat-5, ap physics b- 5
Senior Year: AP pysch, lit, gov, calc bc, physics c</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 96.78
Unweighted GPA: 94.017</p>

National Merit Scholarship semifinalist
Intel- semi finalist
Science Olympiad- State Team, 4th at states
Track- Champ
Economics Challenge- Team went to States
Debate Club- State Finalist</p>

<p>Significant ECs:</p>

<p>Movie Director’s Club: Lol just a hobby, but I love it- President
Quiz Bowl-Captain
Key Club-Vice President
Spanish Club- President
Astronomy Club: President</p>

<p>Community Service:
Tutored Kids for Free at the library
about 100 hours at the library/hospital</p>

Research (unpaid, but still!) at Labs at respected universities</p>

After freshman: Upenn program, “cultural experience in europe”-lololol vacation
after soph: columbia program, research at a lab, volunteering at library, independently studied french
Ater Junior: Prestigious research program, </p>

My mentor and my favorite math teacher, both really like me</p>

so much fun!! Lasted longer than it should have, we talked about everything, she said I was a perfect fit for brown!</p>

CommonApp- Weird…but apparently really good…lol
Short Answers- Aight
Supplement- English teachers thought it was rockinnn</p>

<p>Your credentials are pretty solid, but the only problem is your typical Asian resume no offense. Depends on your essay.</p>

<p>lol 144 views and one response
thanks guys, i feel the love!</p>

<p>S has the following stats:
Top5%, 3.9 UW. 10+ APs including senior year. AP scores are average. ACT:30
Tutor, Hospital Volnteer
Essays/Short Answers (well-knit, seamless). Recommendations: Good</p>

<p>You have better academics and similar ECs.</p>

<p>It depends on how you told your story - what you did, what you want to do etc.</p>

<p>Brown rejects 1000 of the 1500 valedictorians that apply every year. It doesn't mean that they admit many with average academics. Your academics make it a reach and chances can improve only with a well-told narrative. That is even more true for my son.</p>

<p>Your GPA and SAT score is a tad weak for Brown. But your ECs and SAT II scores are phenomenal. I'd say you have a decent shot, but it's so unpredictable for Ivies.</p>

<p>I forgot,chance back please
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