Chance Me, I'll Chance Back!

<p>GPA: 3.7 (unweighted), 4.3 (weighted)
PSAT: 209 (Commended National Merit)
SAT: 2020 (800 Math, 590 Reading, 630 Writing), going to retake in October aiming for 2100+
SAT II: Math II 770, Biology 710, US History 710
AP's Taken: World History, US History, Computer Science A, Biology, Calculus BC</p>

<p>Freshmen - Junior Year: Took all honors and AP's with orchestra and baseball
Senior Year Courses: AP Statistics, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Economics, AP Chemistry, and AP Psychology (Maybe, not sure yet), and orchestra and baseball</p>

<p>Extra Curricular's: Not much, mostly orchestra, baseball, and piano throughout middle school and high school. A few clubs and volunteering here and there but other than that, most of my time is spent with music and sports. Baseball team is one of the best in Orange County (California) as well as orchestra (performances at Carnegie Hall, New York and highest possible scores at all competitions). </p>

<p>Other: Asian Male from California. Decent high school, always sends numerous students to UCB and UCLA with a few to Ivy's and prestigious private schools each year. </p>

<p>Intended Major: Business or Math related</p>

<p>Chance Me Please For:</p>

<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR
Boston College
Claremont McKinley
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
Carnegie Mellon
Case Western</p>

<p>Definitely apply to all of them, here's my guess though:</p>

<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR- reach, reach, don't know, high match, high match/low reach, don't know
USC- low-mid reach
NYU- high match/low reach
Boston College- mid reach
Claremont McKinley- low reach
Northwestern- reach
University of Chicago- reach
University of Michigan- reach
Carnegie Mellon- reach
Georgetown- reach
Case Western- don't know</p>

<p>UC's - Since your'e in state i'd say that UCLA is a slight reach, UC Berkeley is a high reach, the rest are matches
USC - high match
NYU - reach
Boston College - mid reach
Claremont McKinley -reach
Northwestern - reach
University of Chicago - high reach
University of Michigan - reac
Carnegie Mellon - no idea
Georgetown -reach
Case Western - no clue</p>

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<p>UC- ur instate, so I say matches eveywhere except high match UCLA and mid reach at Berkley.
USC- high match/low reach
NYU- low reach
BC- mid reach
UC- reach
U of Michigan- high match
sorry, dont know much about the rest. If u raise ur SAT to 2100-2200, alot of the high matchs COULD become matches. Good luck!
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<p>Northwestern and Georgetown are highest reaches. Get your SAT score up and you'd have a better chance, but there is limited focus to your ECs, so maybe work on that the most. Please chance back! <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>"Northwestern and Georgetown are highest reaches."</p>

<p>No, Chicago is the highest reach school.</p>

<p>20; i forgot that one, yes you're right :)</p>

<p>I see UCLA, Berkley, Georgetown, NW, UC, and claremont as reaches. I'd say you'd get into most, if not all, of the others. Try brining your SAT up/try the ACT and you'll have a bit better of a chance at the reached, especially the UC ones. </p>

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<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR-all but berkeley are matches; berkley high reach
USC-high match; low reach
NYU-low reach
Boston College-high match; low reach
Claremont McKinley-dont know
University of Chicago-high reach
University of Michigan-low reach
Carnegie Mellon-depends on which school specifically; if CIT then reach, if the humanity one then match
Case Western-dont know</p>

<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR - All matches, with UC Berkley being a low reach, and UCLA being a high match..
USC - Low reach.
NYU - Low reach.
Boston College - Match.
Claremont McKinley - ?
Northwestern - Mid reach
University of Chicago - High reach.
University of Michigan - High match.
Carnegie Mellon - Mid reach.
Georgetown - Mid reach.
Case Western - High match.</p>

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<p>UC Berkeley- match
USC- match
UCLA- honestly i consider UCLA a reach for virtually everyone so i'm gonna say low reach
write some kickass essays and don't blow off senior year and u should be good. good luck dude!!</p>

<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR - pretty much in for most since you are in-state
USC - in
NYU - match
Boston College - match
Claremont McKinley - idk
Northwestern - reach
University of Chicago - reach
University of Michigan - low reach
Carnegie Mellon - idk
Georgetown - idk
Case Western - high match/low reach</p>

<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR-in for all
Boston College-match
Claremont McKinley-don't know
University of Chicago-match
University of Michigan-match
Carnegie Mellon-don't know
Georgetown-low reach
Case Western-high match</p>

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<p>UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCR - match except for Cal and LA
USC - match
NYU - match for CAS, reach for Stern (business)
Boston College - match
Claremont McKinley - don't know
Northwestern - reach
University of Chicago - reach
University of Michigan - low reach/high match
Carnegie Mellon - low reach/high match
Georgetown - reach
Case Western - low reach/high match</p>