Chance me, ill chance back!

<p>Objective: Chance me for Cornell ED, JHU, Univeristy Michigan ann arobor, university of illinois urbana champaign, purdue, berkley, and Georgia institute of technology, and university of maryland -- All for computer science. thank you for your time</p>

c. mellon university
harvey mudd

<p>SAT I (breakdown):1440/1600 2170/2400
ACT: n/a
SAT II: Math 2 - 790
Biology M - 740
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.65
Weighted GPA : 4.38
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): n/a
AP (place score in parenthesis):
Ap Government ( 3)
AP Chemistry (5)
Ap Calculus BC ( 5)
AP Biology (5)
AP English Language (5)
IB (place score in parenthesis):n/a
Senior Year Course Load: Multivariable Calculus with Differential Equations, Molecular Biology, AP computer programming, Honors English 12, Triple period science internship at NIH
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): AP scholar
Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Vice president of Chemistry Club ( 4 years) , Vice president of Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor society ( 10-11) Co president of IT Club, Co Captain of Mathletes, Math team ( 10-12) (competitor of UMD math competition, AMC 10 , AMC 12, Harvard/MIT meet)
Job/Work Experience: Operation fly co-CTO
Volunteer/Community service:volunteer
Summer Activities: Research Science Summer Internship at NIH , National Institute of Nursing Research
Essays: good
Teacher Recommendation:good
Counselor Rec: very good
Additional Rec: very good from CTY mathematics coordinator at Johns Hopkins Univ.
Interview: Should i get one , will it Help?
State (if domestic applicant): MD
Country (if international applicant):USA
School Type:very very competitive
Ethnicity: Asian
Income Bracket: 150, 000
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):none </p>

<p>THANK YOU! for TAKING THE TIME to read this please chance</p>


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<p>always get an interview if it’s offered because it shows you are serious about a school. I think you’re in for Purdue, but honestly that’s the only school i really know about on your list. Cornell is the easiest Ivy to get into and if you keep your grades and scores up, you should be pretty much in. U of M should be pretty sure fire as well, and your grades are definitely up to par.</p>

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<p>Wow! You’ve got great EC’s!
I’m going to be honest, the unweighted GPA may be on the lower end of what some of the colleges you want to apply to would expect. I’m actually in the same boat; a pretty good weighted GPA, but a 3.65 UW. But, that shouldn’t deter you from applying to any of these universities!! Subject tests scores are great, SAT scores are pretty good. If you think you would be okay with retaking your SAT’s though, to get an even higher score, that might be a great support for the rest of your app.</p>

<p>I think your holistic app will look pretty darn amazing to most colleges on your list: I’d say Villanova, Purdue, and GIT, you have a pretty good shot. I’m not that familiar with the standards for some of the other schools on your list, so I don’t think I could provide a great estimate for some of them.
WashU, Vanderbilt and JHU you probably have a great chance as well (though they are still very prestigious, so there’s never a guarantee that even with amazing stats that you can get in easily. But I’d say you’ve got a good shot).
Berkeley, C. Mellon, Georgetown are probably more like reaches- to be honest, those schools are hard for anyone to get into… They are among the top in the country, especially for something like compsci.
You want to apply to Cornell ED? You might have a good shot. You just really have to market yourself on your app; but I think they’ll appreciate the math/compsci focus you’ve shown in high school. </p>

<p><em>sigh</em> this is just so stressful. I want to apply to some of the top med programs, like Brown PLME; but I’m asian, from the NE region, have a low gpa… I’m not too sure what my chances are…</p>

<p>thanks alot! well i hope you are right. As for you, i am planning on atttend med school too and was looking at some bs/md. I realize that brown and northwestern are very difficult to get into, almost as hard as getting into harvard. Though you might be excellent, a not 3.8 3.9 4.0 gpa wont cut it for these schools, as they barely accept many, and the ones they do will have what you have and a higher gpa. You might try some bs/md lower tier ones such as wayne state or drexel. Good luck with your academic career!</p>

<p>can anyone give me insight into my chances for michigan and urbana champaign’
s schools of engineering?</p>