Chance me Ill pay you

SAT (Breakdown + Combined): 1900 CR 660 M 640 Wr 600
SAT IIs (if any): Math 1 650--Im a dumb ass US H 650
Unweighted GPA: 3.77
Rank (if applicable): 50 of 290- top 20 real competitive we have 7 kids going to harvard
Other stats: WGPA: 4.2</p>

Essays: Nice
ECs: Slightly Above average including a club president and both NHS and FLNHS
Teacher Recs: Great
Counselor Rec: Great
Hook (if any): None</p>

State or Country: Maryland
School Type: Private Catholic
Ethnicity: WHITE
Gender: Male</p>

<p>Unless you are applying to Engineering or Architecture, I'd say you have a pretty good shot. BTW, if you really know what your recs say, and VT knows you know (i.e. no waiver), then you might as well not have submitted them, and that might actually lower your chances.</p>

<p>You look iffy for Engineering and probably won't get accepted if your score on Math 1 is an accurate reflection of your math grades/skills, and architecture looks for much more than you have conveyed in your no clue there...</p>

<p>That'll be $10,000.</p>

<p>Thanks :^)</p>