Chance Me ILR

SAT: 1470 (750/720)
SAT Subject: Taking In November expect 700+ on Math 2 and 750+ on US history
GPA (weighted): 96.12 with upward trend and all english and social studies exams 98+
GPA (unweighted): 94.5
Ranking: 82/510
I know this is low but my school doesn’t weight honors and AP’s very much 1.07 for AP’s and 1.04 for honors
APUSH-5 AP Comp-5 AP Chem-3
Senior yr: Accounting, AP Stats, Entrepreneurship, AP Lit, Business and Personal Law, Criminal Law, AP calc, AP Economics, AP Gov
Summer Camp Counselor: 40 hrs a week (Sr yr)
Martial Arts Instructor: 20 hrs a week during school yr (Sr yr)
Barn Manager 10 hrs a week (Fr, So,Jr yr)
National level Equestrian 40 hrs a week (Fr, So,Jr yr)
Model UN (Sr yr)
Masterminds (Sr yr)
Crossfit (All high school)
Meals on wheels (20 hrs)
Kicking for Miracles (Women and children’s hospital fundraiser)
-AP Scholar
-Mastery Of Science
-Advanced Regents Diploma
-Gold Honor roll
-Multi time regional champion and national qualifier with arabian horses
Essay: Explains why I stopped riding horses and apparent sudden shift in passion and pretty emotional
Letters of recommendation: Should be good Pre-calc teacher who I had for two years and saw me work to go from a mediocre math student to top of the class and taking two AP maths this year. AP comp teacher who loved me and I was the only kid in the class to get a 5 on the AP exam and a 100 on the Common Core exam as well.
Additional Info: Caucasian, male, both parents went to cornell

Double Legacy + decent stats + Solid Ecs. You good