Chance me! I'm a rising junior!

<p>soooooo i'm an asian male rising junior (so i'll have a serious lack of test scores to display but i'll give estimates) and i wanna know my chances for my TOP CHOICE SCHOOLS WOOT WOOT</p>

<p>Test scores:
SAT I- didn't take it yet haha (shooting for a 2300+ tho. i think i can do ittttt)
SAT II's- 800 Math II, 760 Physics <---blarg (planning on taking chem and maybe spanish)
ACT- didn't take it yet but i'm going to haha
AP's- 5 Euro, and that's it so far (planning on taking BC Calc, English Lang, Physics-both of the harder ones..., and Chem this year. next year, taking Bio, Spanish Lang, English Lit, and US History)</p>

<p>School shizz:
GPA- (as of now) ~3.9 unweighted, ~4.85 weighted (out of 5.3, will probably go up in the next two years... most of our frosh and soph classes are weighted less than junior/senior classes)
Course load- all honors classes frosh and soph year, with the exception of arts electives. next year and the year after, i'll have all AP's, aside from gym and a research class (which is an honors course).
Rank- top 5%, and probably either first or second in my grade (out of about 500)</p>


<p>Volunteering- ~60 hrs at a hospital already (continuing through senior year), various stuff here and there with clubs and my county youth council (activities like adopt-a-road, cigarette butt cleanups, relays for life, etc.)</p>

<p>Work- Teacher at Kumon Learning Center once a week for 3 hrs, possibly tutoring in upcoming years</p>

<p>Clubs and shizz- Co-President and K9 for REBEL (a statewide anti-tobacco-company organization, it's been dissolved by the governor this year due to budget cuts, but I was on the "Council of Nine" which is like a state board for it, as well as my county's board. i'm continuing to run the club at my school regardless of whether it's a state-run organization or not.), JSA for 2 years (our chapter won a lotta awards this past year), Gay-straight alliance (might take position senior year), Asian Culture Club (secretary last year, treasurer this year, possibly co-VP senior year), Somerset County Youth Council (secretary last year, might be either vice chair or co-chair senior year), might join academic team (which is like quiz bowl i guess?)</p>

<p>Sports stuffs- fencing freshman year, Marching band for 2 years (yes we consider it a sport at our school haha, gonna stick with it thru senior year)</p>

<p>Sciency stuffs- participant in math league, chemistry league, and physics league (gonna do chem league this upcoming year... hopefully place high in the state?), merck state science day- integrated sciences (again, hopefully doing well this upcoming year for chem), research class (presented at 2 local competitions and a conference for the American Physics Association in DC, continuing through senior year), Columbia Science Honors Program for junior and senior year, science olympiads in the upcoming two years</p>

<p>Summers- CTY for 2 summers in middle school (idk if that can count for anything), trips to Taiwan, NYLF this year (i know it's not that great but whatever), shadowed a doctor this year and probably going to shadow another, good candidate for NJ Gov School next summer, possibly doing an internship at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab next year (it's a selective program and i was rejected this year, but my physics teacher is a researcher there... hopefully an advantage? lol), if not gov school or PPPL then probably going to travel to some foreign country and volunteer next summer</p>

<p>Other- i was part of the youth staff (a group of 9-10 kids that helped facilitate and organize the events that we had) for a statewide leadership conference</p>

<p>Awards: so far, none yet. :'''''''''''( hopefully something in science league next year??? or research???</p>

<p>Addiotional tidbits about myself: i wanna learn American Sign Language and possibly start a club. i think that'd be supah awesome. oh, and i'm gay. does that... set me apart in any way? hahaha</p>

<p>thanks a zillions for anyone who takes the time to read this. just so ya know, my top schools are, of course, HYP, and then the rest of the ivies + Duke, JHU, and some others. my safeties are NYU(?) and Rutgers. WHAT DO YA THINK. (and sorry about my obsession with parentheses LOL)</p>

<p>**note: the reason i'm flipping out about this is that, as i mentioned above, my school has a very good history of sending the top 2 students (vale/salu) to HYP. soooo i feel like if i end up in the top 2 and don't get into any of those, i'd be... well, crushed haha. DON'T WANNA DISGRACE MY SCHOOL!</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump. HELP PLZ</p>

<p>Somebody plzzzz?</p>

<p>You're stats look good, but it's tough to say without any SAT/ACT scores or your junior year grades. That being said your SAT II scores are good so far, try to keep them all 750+. Keep up the good work, try to get into the top two of your class (if you can), and consider where you may want to apply ED.</p>

<p>yeah... about those SAT's haha. nahhh i think i'll do fine on testing. SAT subjects-wise, physics is probably my worst subject (even though i actually really enjoy it), and chem from what i've heard isn't too hard. i know languages are hard, but i'd like to give spanish a shot anyway. i'm more worried about summer activities for next year... i hope to get AT LEAST a research internship or good volunteering opportunity. top-two, still not sure, but i was top of my middle school, and that was a biggg surprise since there were tons of kids who were "technically smarter" but apparently i still had better grades. as for ED, i'm thinkin Yale SCEA, but that all depends on whether i win any major science honors next year. if not, i might just go ED for upenn or columbia. THANKS FOR THE INPUT THO!</p>

<p>anyone else???? :D</p>

<p>Your doing exceptionally well, keep up the good work. Very nice SAT IIs- very jealous of that Math IIc score (;. Again, hard to provide input on college chances without your SAT I( although I'm sure you'll get at least 2200+ with those credentials). If your SATs are in the 2300s you'll be a good candidate for Columbia and maybe even Yale.</p>

<p>ariiiiiiiiight thanks dood. any more input? suggestions? idk</p>

<p>idk. Your extracurriculars are what typical asians do.
What are you planning to major?</p>

<p>Chance back AFTER you complete your SAT and ACT, otherwise it is too hypothetical.</p>

<p>dreamhigh: major-wise, i'm not sure yet. ideally, since i wanna go to med school (and be a doctor) i should probably major in a science, but i'm also seriously considering spanish, math, or gender/sexuality studies as my major. and yeah i know about the extracurriculars haha. i think REBEL is pretty unique though.</p>

<p>jshain: WILL DO!</p>