chance me im feeling lucky

<p>what are my chances at these schools is it worth applying
I am a senior in Highschool and did pretty bad freshmen year. My unweighted g.p.a. is a 3.22 and my sophomore and junior year g.p.a.'s are 3.51s. I took 6 ap classes and 7 honors classes ; the ap classes were 2 junior year and got a 4 on english lang and 5 on history, for senior year I am taking ap psychology, economics, english lit, calc ab. Also taking college level A&P. I took the Sats and got a 2130 - 780 in cr 690 in math 660 in writing. I did research science h from 10th grade to 12th grade. I played volleyball for the school freshmen and sophomore year. I have 90 hours of community service at a neonatal hospital in India. My senior year gpa unweighted is a 3.8 but a 4.6 weighted. I'm applying regular decision to all these schools.
I am applying to
Washington University
Johns Hopkins
Emory University
Boston college
UC berkley

<p>Honestly your GPA will keep you out of most of those schools. do you have any other extra curriculars do you have and do you have a good hook for your essay? If you don't have both of these you won't get into any of those. If you do have them I would say you have a low shot at a select few of the non-ivies above.</p>

<p>How lucky are you feeling exactly? Even if we threw out your freshman year, a 3.51 won't get you into any of those schools. That 2130 isn't exactly amazing or anything. There is a realistic chance that you get rejected from every single school you're looking at. You have to have some safeties and lower targets, sorry.</p>