Chance me? I'm pretty worried

<p>Chances at Case Western, U o Michigan (ann arbor), Boston University?
Junior in a competitve HS right now</p>

<p>30 ACT right now, retaking in the spring (looking at around a 32)
3.5 GPA UW, 3.88 W (will probably graduate with a 4.2W, 3.66UW)</p>

<p>3 time state qualifier in speech (semifinalist, 5th place and 2nd place)
2 time national qualifier (octafinalist and semifinialist)
Degree of Excellence with Distinction </p>

<p>Freshman tennis team 3rd in state</p>

<p>300+ hours volunteering at hospitals/the red cross
Starting a charter this summer
400+ hours shadowing in the O.R. and E.R.
President's award for Volunteer Services</p>

<p>Attended two medical camps</p>

<p>Degree of Honor with distinction in Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music</p>

<p>Trilingual (english, arabic, spanish ... fluent in all three)</p>

<p>AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP English
AP Psychology
AP US Hist.
AP Calc AB</p>

<p>Honors everything </p>

<p>Will take
Organic Chemistry
AP Econ
AP Gov
AP Literature
AP Stats</p>