Chance me in college list and drop in any suggestions you would add


  • US citizen
    *currently live in india
  • Male/Asian American or Indian American

Intended Major(s)
Computer science

*GPA: 90/100
*Rank: my school doesn’t rank
*SAT: 1410

CBSE so we don’t have AP/IB. Took MPC with physical education as extra subjects

*State basketball
150 volunteer hours
Zine author(don’t judge my writing based on this)
Internship at e-commerce company as web developer
Courses on CS from Harvard Duke and kaggle
Tech club representative
Vocal and keyboard


  • Essays r strong and great LORs from math Chem and counsellor

Cost Constraints / Budget

*Carnegie Mellon University

  • Northeastern
  • Brown university
  • university of Washington Seattle
  • Cal poly SLO
  • NYU
  • UW Madison
  • University of Maryland
  • penn state university park

Since Cal poly SLO is test blind and will only consider GPA, HS course rigor and hours of EC’s for CS which is their most competitive major, it is a Reach.

Do you have residency in any state? What type of college vibe really interests you? Large state school, small artsy school? Urban close to a city? What you want to end up with a list of reaches, matches and safeties that would be a great fit for you. Think about why you’ve added these schools on your list and then putting together a list will be a lot easier.

It’s Ok to have a mix of school types on your list, at this time you may not know what you want. Just try and dig below the “these are the top CS schools on some arbitrary ranking”.

A 1410 SAT score is very low for the CS major at the University of Washington at Seattle.

I’m writing SAT again on Aug 28, I am expecting 1470 to 1500 it’s not the best scores but i think its decent. Would you suggest any other schools?

I’m not sure how to divide my schools in matches, safeties, and reach because of SAT being optional. And how to convert my GPA to the 4 scale. I’m looking for good CS schools(no need to to be in the top 3 but atleast the top 100) with good career opportunities and schools that are closer to cities or in a good college town. I like schools with a unique curriculum as well like the open curriculum or Coops. If you have any good colleges in mind tell them. Thanks

That is a great start of things you are interested in! The other question was if you have a state residency anywhere? Regardless of test optional, you can still look at your scores to gauge your list. Just remember T20, T100, T200 don’t mean anything it’s what goes into that ranking that’s important to you that’s important. I’ll give you some suggestions, but start digging through the curriculums, and start making a list of what you like and don’t like about each school, some people like to do a build a list from the bottom up, I find it easier sometimes is to start with a broader list and then be able to filter it out as your interests become clearer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any state residency. I moved to India when I was 3. I was born in Pennsylvania but that doesn’t give me an in-state status.

Gotcha, no worries, just helpful for thinking about anywhere where you might be able to take advantage of in-state tuition.

Just off the top of my head take a look a Worcester Polytechnic Institute. They have a unique project based curriculum, there located in a small city but you still are close enough to Boston to go in for the day.

Their project based learning seemed really cool for me, I will look into it more deeply. Thanks for the suggestion.

UTD gives a lot of aid to international students and they have a big intl population as well. their comp sci program is great and social life is amazing. also check out ut austin.

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Ok I will look into it thanks a lot

Take a look at Stevens Institute of Technology, nice campus that sits in Hoboken which is a really great college town that overlooks Manhattan. You could be in the city in 10 minutes on the path train too. Great CS program with lots of options for specialization, they are always well ranked for things like Starting Salary, Career Placement, Internships.

I don’t see any on this list you get into but Penn State is your best hope. You can apply to these but need reach and safety schools as others are showing you.