Chance Me In for Mudd

White Male (largest hit against me)

ACT 36
SAT 1580
SAT II: Math2 800, Phys 800, Spanish 790

GPA: 3.97/4 UW, 4.5/5 weighted

Marching Band 4 years, leadership 2
Jazz band 4 years, leadership 4
School musical and comedy show 2 years, leadership 1
Math Team 4 years, leadership 4, state recognition 2 years
Summer research in a lab at a major research university, didn’t get anything published, just did lab work and learned how to operate in a lab
HiMCM (36 hour problem) Finalist last year

What do you think of my odds?

I’d say you will get a good look from admissions. Your essays will be critical – fit is very important at Mudd.

@nowis2000 I would say the biggest problem is that you drive a silver mom-van, and play dragonvale. Also you might be mistaken for a young Al Franken which will work against you.

Actually, @AScreenName I think the admissions office is really looking for people who only wear really comfortable Merrells and sweatpants. Killer George Michael impressions help too, so I’d say you’ve got a chance

tbh I would personally be worried about the long term effects of having a rodent on your head