Chance me! Indiana Bloomington

I have a 2.75 weighted gpa
1080 SAT score
I have taken a couple dual credit college courses and played a sport all four years.
I also have started two buisnesses that were successful (included this in my essay)
Both of my parents went to iu and all of my siblings.
I am in state and attented a private catholic college prep school.
I was wondering if i had a chance of getting in as iu is my #1 choice
I applied sunday oct. 24 early decision and was also wondering when I would hear back! Thanks

Last year’s average SAT was 1300 with middle 50% of 1200-1400.
Last year’s average GPA was 3.90 with middle 50% of 3.62-4.00.

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Assuming you applied Early Action, you probably already got your results. If you didn’t, I think you will get in. Your SAT score is good enough for IU, you are in-state, you’re an athlete, you have family connections, and the two successful businesses are impressive. I’d say there is a 70% chance you will get accepted.

I was asked for my grades and just sent them. I got a 3.7 gpa my first semester and raised my gpa to almost a 2.9 any idea how long i will have to wait after i sent them for a decision?