Chance me - International STEM


Race: Indian

Nationality: Singaporean Citizen

Religion: Atheist (It’d be kinda weird if it matters but common app asks for it)

Used to live in New Jersey (maybe if they ask why I want to go to the US?)

I would prefer aid but I’m in that sweet spot where I get no aid but can’t afford without debt lol. It’s the reason why I’m only gonna apply to top tier schools in the US since I can only justify their fees.


IB - HL: Physics, Chemistry, Math AA | SL: Spanish, Economics, English Language and Literature

No GPA/Class Rank

Most rigorous course offered (No AP)

Expected (not official but based on previous scores) - 43 ish
HLs - 7,7,7

SAT(practices)- 730RW 800M


Extremely competitive (arguably one of the best in the world stats wise)


- International Olympiad for Astronomy and Astrophysics (205th place indiv; 3rd place team) this is out of 43 teams.

- Selected for National Physics Olympiad representing my school. (I messed up the paper so I probably got nothing)

- Singapore Astronomy Olympiad 2020 (1st -10th place) they do not release results for those selected for IOAA

- Edusave Good Progress award (a $250 award for being in the top 10% of grade improvements in the country)

I am writing a paper with a professor at a LAC in US titled “Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in physics” (Intended for publication)

I have been offered a research project with a prof focusing on quantum tunneling and entanglement

I have an internship offer from A*STAR (a government research lab) for quantum simulations and computing.

Started a tuition program for underprivileged children between ages 4-7 last year which was picked up and continued by an NGO and expanded even after I left

Research attachment at Institute of Microelectronics (cancelled due to COVID-19)

Engineering Internship at the Air Force for 2 months

Internship at CERN (cancelled due to COVID travel restrictions)

Math Competition Team

  • all competitions have been cancelled or postponed so far

Science Research Club

  • Director of Physics
  • In charge of tutoring younger students to eventually be in the Advanced Science Program at my school
    *In charge of preparing students for Singapore PhO and IPhO
  • Organizing IDEX 2021, an acclaimed and competitive international engineering competition

Young Innovators Society

  • Training Mentor
  • (joined this year so I haven’t done much yet)

Young Diplomats Society

  • Training Mentor
  • Chair for International Model United Nations Conference
  • 1 first place; 2 second places; 2 third places; 2 fourth places; 1 best position paper in 9 conferences
  • The above awards only include national and international MUNs

Astronomy Club
*Training Mentor

Several online courses from universities (certification is given)

  • Particle Physics: An Introduction (University of Geneva)
  • The Evolving Universe (Caltech)
  • Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity (Stanford University)
  • Science of the Solar System (Caltech) - not finished yet


  • 1st Dan Black Belt

Intended major:

Physics and Astronomy / Math double major or with math as a minor

No idea lmao


Imperial College London
U Chicago
UT Austin
Purdue University

Consider suitable colleges from this Forbes article, such as Williams:

Nonlinear dynamics in physics tend to defy prediction, so it would be interesting to see what insights you achieved through your paper.