Chance me: International student for UPenn

Hey guys, I’m an international student from China, currently a high school senior applying for mathematical economics.
I came to the U.S. in my sophomore year.
I did ED to UPenn, EA to Caltech, and UMich, hope to see your comments!

GPA: 4.52 (weighted), 3.92 (unweighted) Not sure about the ranking
SAT 2: Math level 2 (800) Chemistry (800)
AP: Cal BC, Physics C, Physics 1, Micro, Macro, Chem, (5), CSA (4)

HMMT Team Top 3,
International Econ Olympiad Team Top 2 in China,

Member of Southern California Academy of Science Research Training Program,(11-12)
Development Committee in the California Association of Student Council, (12)
Math Club founder (11-12)
National Honor Society (11-12)
High school leadership team(12)
Church service (10-12)

Summer Schools,
Awesome Math,
Lab Euclid.