Chance me, international student from Vietnam

<p>Hi everyone, I'm currently a junior in a top private boarding school in British Columbia, Canada. I'm from Vietnam and this is my 2nd year living in Canada. I just want to know my chances for Columbia next year. I'm planning to apply Early Decision/Early Action?</p>

<p>I was studying in Vietnam back in grade 9, i wasn't caring much about schooling so I had a B average, it was british school so there was no %, only letter grades. </p>

<p>I moved to Canada last year for Grade 10, my average was 84%, it was my first year and I thought it was pretty tough. British Columbia's grading system is different from America, an A is 86% so my average was not that bad (I don't think). I took Science and Math honors and I got 90% for those, the other courses are around 85% with english 76% and Chinese 68% (my first year) (2nd top set)</p>

<p>I just finished term 1 and here is how my marks look like:
Math - Pre Cal: 97%
Bio AP: 90%
Social Studies: 95%
English: 81%
Chinese 12: 86%
Financials 12: 94%</p>

<p>My marks below are all A except for English, cuz I did pretty bad on my exam, but I will raise it up later.</p>

<p>My ECs:
Junior varsity soccer
Varsity B bball
Junior varsity tennis
Varsity Tennis
Tennis player 10+ hours a week
Swimming 6h/week
Planning on doing Life Saving in summer
Freelance Photography
Charity work - agent orange helper
Community work- Voluntary
Travelling and help people around the world
I went to National math contest
Creative Science club
Stage manager
School marketing club
Debating and public speaking

<p>What I think is my freshman and sophomore marks are pretty low but I actually realized I needed to try so yeaaa. I mean it's alright because my marks are trending up? 78% - 84% - 91% - 96%? My school doesn't rank but I think I'm in top 10% right now?
Is my profile too thin? I mean comparing other Asians' profiles then my profile looks like nothing, but I don't go study all day at least I have a life and I enjoy what I do.
I'm planning on taking SAT this Jan 28th, my target is around 2100? if so, what are my chances of getting into Columbia ED.</p>

<p>p.s I'm a diversified person, I have an interesting family background and family traditions, I lived in 3 different countries and speak a few languages.</p>

<p>Chance me XD</p>

<p>Pretty slim.</p>

<p>thanks.. how can i improve upon this</p>


<p>You're doing a ton of ECs, but don't indicate that you've excelled at any of them except for maybe tennis. Some national or at least regional awards would be nice. Also you'll need to get top scores on your standardized tests.</p>

<p>@greennblue: thanks i was co captain last year and we got 3rd regional, this year we'll try to win. And I'm hoping my reading skills will excel in Jan SAT, is 2100 considered "alright" for columbia?</p>

<p>2100 is reasonable, but with the rest of your stats, 2250+ would be best, I think.</p>

<p>columbia has always been my dream i'm so desperate :(</p>

<p>"I mean comparing other Asians' profiles then my profile looks like nothing, but I don't go study all day at least I have a life and I enjoy what I do."</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but the problem is that a lot of Asians have a life and ALSO have great scores. Your ECs are good, but try to get your SAT to at least a 2200. Are you applying for financial aid? That will significantly affect your chances (I got into Penn this year ED without financial aid and I had a 2330 SAT, mediocre ECs and an interesting background).</p>