chance me(international student)

<p>Hi, I'm an international student(from Korea), Male, and I just wanted to know
will getting a 12 for the AIME(basically USAMO qualifier) really help me get accepted into the following schools?</p>

<p>Upenn(wharton jerrom(?)-fisher), columbia, stanford(just my dream school), duke, MIT(I know its really hard to get into MIT, but just curious)</p>

<p>If lots of people answer this question for me, I'll probably write down my whole profile sooner or later thanks:)</p>

<p>We'll need to know the rest of your profile though. Getting into USAMO is impressive (I'm jealous since I was two questions away this year from AIME :/ ) but it's not a make or break hook. </p>

<p>You still need excellent GPA, extracurriculars, test scores, etc.</p>