Chance me (Intl, non-traditional)

International student
Private high School (HSEB board ; final exams are taken by the education board not the school)
Non-binary/Pansexual/ South Asian/ Nepalese
First generation
Asking for fully funded financial aid
Intended major = Economics/Management/gender studies with minor in psychology

**GPA= 4.0(in US) Rank- N/A, and Test Scores- Test optional (test center is 15 hours drive and also due to covid cannot travel that far)
Duo-lingo test= 120
Future ielts predection =7-7.5 overall
AP weren’t offered
I do have an Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management (Non-degree) I have GPA of 4.0 and 1st rank

Alot of volunteering
9 years of mentoring 5 kids in my neighbourhood (keeping them safe from domestic violence and addiction and also tutoring them)
community service like working on fields, making houses(started since I was 13 years old)
Queer Right/ Mental Health activist
Our organization introduced the concept of Trans and Pride parade in Nepal
Board member of an NOG
Worked with international and national NGOs in different project
Hospitality internship in Mauritius
Worked with kids with disability
Family responsibility

My essays were about my under represented rural community/ my experiences as a Queer person and multiple sexual assult survivor/ why there was an academic gap/ my passion for helping people and cooking ( was edited by Stanford graduate) so it was 9/10

rural area =where internet connection hasn’t even reached yet, 80% illiteracy , I am the only fluent English speaker in my area type

Very Average LOC’s coz it was their first time so it was like 6/10

Every school of mine are reach
Stanford (regular decision)
Yale Eli-Whitney
Brown’s RUE

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