Chance Me/ Ivy or equivalent chance [international student, transfer, currently first year in university]


  • International student : Indian
  • IIT Delhi
  • Male, Indian

Intended Major(s)

  • Astrophysics
  • Physics
  • Mechanical engineering

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • 4.00 unweighted
  • 4.48
  • College GPA: No results for 1st Sem. yet
  • ACT/SAT Scores:
    1550 SAT
    *ACT not given

AP’s in :
AP Calculus AC
Physics 1/2 Algebra based, AP mechanics
AP chemistry
AP Computer science
AP pre calculus
AP English Language and Composition


High School Student Council President
Volunteer Astronomy teacher at NGO (famed one)
Designed AR based program for interactive base system (planning to patent the idea)
Project Assistant to professor IIT

LoRs by IIT professor
LoRs by High School Teacher/Counselor
LoR by NGO head ( just got in written, dunno if it is valid)

Cost Constraints / Budget
Fall under Need Based crit. (family income:15k usd p.a)


  • Now here’s the catch,
    If you know, IIT is the top and best possible institute for B.Tech (I chose Mech. Engg. as major)
    It’s already the college I could’ve wanted. Now that I am admitted, Aiming for better I’d like to
    apply for any Ivy or equivalent (MIT, Stanford, UCs, Caltech etc.).
    Therefore I’d like to know any possibility of admission in these as well as if there’s any reccm.
    Also, the availability and trend of many factors are limited and scarce in India, such as internship
    and International Olympiads (I did qualify for international level but SOF Olympiad is not valid)
    , Also for ECs there’s way too small pool of choices. Though I am not bad at sports, can’t say
    excellent (played at state level soccer tournament). I can still add these to essay to increase
    chances even if a bit. But I’d like you to not consider these details and tell me the chances
    with my profile only.

*Please recommend me match unis too, and any other unis considering financial aid. (15k$ p.a)

IIT is wonderful. Your bigger issue is affordability.

You can try all and see what happens but not all will meet need for international.

Only Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale, Dartmouth, Amherst, and Bowdoin so getting in doesn’t mean you can afford - except at these if they agree with your need situation. Brown is expected to join this list in two years.

UCs are a definite no way can you afford. Save your time.

I don’t see how any are better than your current situation but best of luck.

If you are interested in studying engineering and want to get significant financial aid from a U.S. university, you may need to look at second-or third-tier schools.


Sounds like you will be a transfer student. It’s even more difficult to get aid as a transfer than as a freshman. This is going to be tough to do.

Not all the ivies are well ranked in engineering. Are you choosing to apply to them because of the chance of aid? You will need an essay for each school on why that school makes sense to transfer and why it’s better for your educational goals than where you are.


AP Pre-Calculus isn’t yet a class.

Were you in some sort of pilot program, or was that a typo?

Are you planning to delay entry into IIT while waiting for Ivy+ results?

Yes, and the Ivies admit very few transfer students, and mostly non-traditional applicants.

There are other challenges with your application:

  • ECs are weak
  • no major awards/recognitions
  • you took several APs, but what were your scores?
  • how good you are at sports is irrelevant unless you’re looking to be recruited for your sport

So to be totally honest, your chances are close to zero. But the good news is that IIT Delhi is very good, so congratulations on being accepted. You should finish your undergraduate studies there, and then apply for graduate studies at the Ivies/Ivy+. But also remember that as @me29034 said, Ivies are not necessarily the best ranked engineering schools.


Internships are available to students in US colleges, while in school, but once you complete the internship, you are expected to return to you country after completion of your degree. The US colleges and universities will educate you, but your student visa will expire when you graduate. Visas are granted by the US Immigration Service. You wont be eligible for US employment without a sponsor and those don’t happen too often when there are eligible US applicants.

Agree that you have a good opportunity presented to you. Take advantage of it because international transfers, for US schools, are difficult as it is, but you want to target those elite schools that get hundreds of thousands of applications for a finite number of seats.

Plus, you can’t afford them without financial aid. Financial aid is difficult enough for freshman, and worse for transfers. I agree that your chances are close to zero because you are targeting the wrong schools and you already have a good choice.

There are other schools that meet full need for internationals - did you mean these are the only ones that are need-blind for international admissions?


Actually this info is only partially correct. These seven colleges are the only ones that are BOTH need blind for admissions and meet full need for all accepted international students. There are others that meet full need for international students who are accepted but consider financial need when reviewing the application for admission.

@Sarthak205 are you currently enrolled in a college in India as your post implies? Do you want to transfer to one of these colleges here? You need to check carefully because some colleges don’t award Ned based aid to transfer students in the same way as incoming freshmen.

I guess I need to ask…why don’t you stay where you have been accepted, and get your bachelors degree there?

I would complete your degree at IIT.

You can always pursue grad school in the US down the road.


Their policies may be different for transfer applicants, but as I mentioned in my previous post - getting admitted as an international transfer is a lot harder than getting admitted as an international freshman (which itself is very hard). So OP first has to get admitted.
I suggested staying on at his current (excellent) school and applying later as a grad student.

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I agree!


Yes need blind and meet full need.

So one can apply to Franklin & Marshall as an example. But if their need is too high, they’re not getting in.

So yea need blind and meets 100% of need.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Yes I just responded to the previous message. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

I do not believe this is totally true either. The issue is that need is considered by these schools. If the school has the money and can support need, AND the student is a very desirable applicant, they could be admitted.

But the pot of money for need based aid for international students at most need aware schools is limited.

BUT…back to this student. I agree that completing the bachelors at the highly regarded school in India is a good idea!

I used them because there was an article - in it both they and Lafayette acknowledged - they’re not letting these kids in no matter how desirable. They just don’t have the funds.

But yes the student should stay at IIT because it’s world renowned.

But like many Intl, he is looking for the top us name regardless of perceived strength in major


IIT is a name known around the world, and highly prestigious for those who care about such things.


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