Chance me? ivy's plus art schools :) :) chance back!

<p>Perspective Schools: (in order) (I have not looked at many of the other ivy leages besides brown and yale, so if you could chance me on the others too, that'd be great.)
-Dual Program at Brown and Rhode Island School of Design
-University of Chicago
-School of the Art Institute of Chicago</p>

<p>GPA: 4.00 UW
Class Rank: 1/278 (This is based on our cumulative GPA - which is just an average of our numerical grades).
SAT: not planning to take
ACT: a Perspective 32-34
AP Courses (13): Freshman Year: AP Human Geography (5) This Year (sophomore): AP United States History AP Calc A/B* Junior Year: AP Government and Politics AP Macroeconomics AP Studio Art AP Calc B/C Senior Year: AP Psychology AP Art History AP Physics AP German V AP Literature and Composition AP Environmental Sciences
*I'm not sure how common it is at other schools, but I am one of about 10 kids in my grade that is 3 years ahead in math. In 8th grade I came to the highschool to take Advanced Algebra every morning before going back to Middle School for the rest of the day.</p>

4 years of Varsity Swimming (expected captain next two years)
4 years of Synchronized Swim Team (expected treasurer junior year and VP or prez senior)
4 years of Key Club (would like to be treasurer senior year.. not sure on this)
3 years of Channel (student government) (would like to be prez or senior rep senior year)
2 years of National Honors Society (not offered until junior year) (hopefully treasurer junior year and president senior year)
1 year of senior committee (putting graduation together and doing class mural)
Community Involvement: I have volunteered about 25 hours every summer at my Public Library for the Summer Reading Program for the past 5 years. I expect to get a great letter of reccomendation for the JF librarian. Also lots of volunteer experience through key club and community involvement through student government.
Job experience: I have not been old enough to get a job until last week, and am currently looking to get a job at Hobby Lobby to have more exposure to art (supplies, but hey!)
Future Valedictorian (High GPA)
Still waiting on results from National Merit Scholor competition.
Most Likely will get APID diploma</p>

Honors Pre-Calc (A)
Honors Earth Science (such a useless class. wish i had skipped it.) (A)
Honors English 9 (A+)
German II (A+)
AP Human Geography (got a 5 on the AP exam) (A-)
Art I (A)
Art II (A)</p>

<p>Summer Credit Advancement: Health II (A+)</p>

AP Calc A/B (A-)
Honors Biology (A+)
Honors American Literature (A)
German III (A+)
AP US History (A+)
Ceramics I (A+)
Art III (next semester)
Art Metals I (next semester)</p>

<p>Summer Credit Advancement: will take Speech</p>

<p>My perspective classes for next year and senior year are:
AP Calc B/C
Honors Chemistry
Honors British Literature
AP Goverment and Politics
AP Economics
Honors German IV
AP Studio Art</p>

AP Physics
AP Lit and Comp
AP Psych
AP German V
AP Environmental Science or AP Stats or AP Biology (undecided)
AP Art History or AP Studio Art (with a different category)</p>

<p>My Hook: My mom was a single mother of two (dad was a deadbeat who left and didn't pay child support). When my sister and I were little, my mom diagnosed Lupus followed by Fibromialgia and many other things. I've always had to work under more stress and pressure from home. This year, my mom's lupus has spread to her brain and we're not really sure how long she has. If that doesn't add stress than I'm not sure what does. Last year, the year that my sister moved out, my grandmother (who we live with) was diagnosed with lung cancer and she is imambiable and needs to be on constant oxygen. I stay home a lot and take care of them, I don't get much sleep and don't have a good environment to do homework in but I make it work. The situation of my parents motivates me to do well in school so that I will be able to take care of them after college.</p>

<p>Pleaseee chance meeee</p>

<p>Hi Eminemfloop</p>

<p>You have many qualifications that the top schools that you are interested in look for, if you follow through with the extracurriculars you say you will do, although be careful in prediction electoral success so early. But what stands out is not what you have written, but you have not written. Where is your passion? You seem to be ticking off items on a resume that you think top schools want to see. There are many applicants with lower grades, scores, and even fewer extracurriculars than you (and not necessarily in that combination), that get into the schools that you want to apply to. The answer is not in checking these items off on your list, but it attaining some greater understanding of who you are, what your goals are, how you can make an impact somewhere somehow. </p>

<p>Where is your engagement with your talents, passions, interests, and the community? Although I see a lot, I dont see that here. In fact, you write about a 'hook' that fankly can be off-putting since the concern in what you wrote is not with your mother, although no doubt you are concerned for her, but with how this tragedy reflects on you as a candidate. In short, your biggest weakness is in that it appears that you dont get it. You can overcome that of course by focusing on developing your passions, your interests, your talents in engaging ways that speak to your future goals and aspirations. Challenge, develop, grow, reflect, learn, and do it all again and again. Then you wont have to come onto some forum to ask about your chances, you will already know. What you will know is that you will reach your goals regardless of the avenue you choose to take to reach them. You will also know which schools are the best places for you to gain the knowledge and experience to reach them, and they will know that you are good fit for them too. I hope that helps.</p>

<p>Perspective 32-34, plan to be valedictorian, plan to be president or VP of every club... what is this? There are so many assumptions in this; why would anyone chance this.</p>

<p>i don't think any ivy leagues would admit you under the circumstances you have yet to discover the difference between "persepctive" and PROSPECTIVE.</p>

<p>Sheesh give him a break guys. </p>

<p>I think everything looks good for you getting into at least one of those ivies. Write great essays and you have a good chance.</p>

<p>Chance back: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Ok chill out! My PROspective act score is based off of practice tests we have taken in school, and what I have discussed with my counselor. And in all except my swim team and synchronized swim team, I said hopefully because I am going to run for those positions but am not sure if I will get them. For swimming, I know I am going to be captain next year because we have already voted, and I assume that if I'm a captain my junior year that I will be voted one my senior year as well. And for synchronized, there is only one other sophomore so senior year I will either be prez or vp and she will be the other. I am running for treasurer next year and say I will most likely get it because of lack of numbers. I didn't mean to assume Anything on here. And the valedictorian thing is expected because anyone who gets a 4.0 will receive it, and I always go out of my way to maintain an A in each subject. Please do not look at my stats as not reliable because I assure you they are.</p>

<p>And to ivyinterest, thank you for the post. I know that I lack passion in a lot of what I do, and you can see it in my writing. Being around my sick mom made me start separating myself from the rest as a way of coping a long time ago, and I find myself not being affected by the things I do or the things that happen to my family a lot. My essay was actually going to focus on that for rsid because I get that passion back when I draw and paint, I know that it is a cliche expression of my internal turmoil but it really has helped me cope with a lot and focusing in on it has kept me sane these past 10 years. But truly thank you for bringing that up because I hardly notice my disconnect anymore and I'd really like to start mending it.</p>

<p>-Dual Program at Brown and Rhode Island School of Design: Target
-University of Chicago: Reach
-Yale: High Reach
-School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Low Target</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>What do you mean by target and reach? I'm a little knew to cc and am not used to the terminology :p</p>

<p>Yale is a reach for everyone, but the others are either targets or matches. targets are colleges that are dead-on going to accept you, while matches are less certain. Going back to subject, I can definitely see you are devoted to art. but as of now, your lack of scores makes this quite tentative</p>

<p>Chance me?</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Hi again Eminem</p>

<p>Your answer makes sense, it sounds authentic and real, and trust me that is where you start from here on out. Forget everything else. Your journey is your own, and its that journey that adcoms are interested in (I know I spent 13 years on an Ivy League adcom). If art is truly what gives you peace amid the turmoil, then continue doing that. If it provides at least temporary inspiration then follow through on it, do more, do different things related to it (work on a public art project, write for a art blog, take an esoteric art course at a local community college, find art that is inspiring and find someway to connect to it through some kind of activity, find healing groups that use art to heal and find a way to connect to them through some kind of activity). Do you see where Im going with this? Follow your heart and your mind, your talents and your passions ... challenge and engage ... and that journey is uniquely yours. No one in the world will take that journey but you, and your story will be unlike any other. But the story is not the point, your personal development, growth, enrichment and enlightenment is. Always make sure that is the focus/point of whatever you choose to do. Be thoughtful, but dont overthink or overanalyze, go with your gut feelings and just do it. You will learn more about who you are and what interests you than you could ever learn doing any other typical extracurricular activity. Keep moving forward, dont ever stop, and I guarantee you that you will reach your goal.</p>