Chance me - Junior

<p>School Type: Alternative Public School</p>

<p>Rank: I'm not sure, but I'm around 20-25th percentile of my class
(My school : 20th percentile is still unweighted 4.0)</p>

<p>GPA: UW - 3.34 (NPE not including Freshman year)
W - 3.83 (NPE not including Freshman year)
Should be a weighted 4.0 after this semester.</p>

<p>Grades and Classes:
Sophomore year: 1st semester/2nd semester
AP Euro B/A (Weighted)
Chem Hon A/B (Weighted)
Geo Hon B/B
Chinese 3 C/B
Ceramics A/A
English A/A</p>

<p>Junior year: 1st semester/Anticipated 2nd semester
AP Chem B/B (Weighted)
AP Music A/A (Weighted)
US Hon A/A (Weighted)
Pre-Cal Hon C/A (Weighted)
Chinese Hon C/Dropped class (Weighted)
English A/A
Leadership A/A (Colleges dont count leadership for anything)</p>

<p>Antipated Senior GPA: 4.0 UW</p>

<p>ACT: 26 (Plan to retake)
SAT I: 2300 Math-800 Writing-790 English 710 (Plan to retake)</p>

<p>APs: AP Euro - 4
Will take: AP Chem and AP Music this year, anticipating 4s for both
Self Studying: AP Calc BC and AP Human Geo, anticipating 5 for both</p>

<p>Anticipated Senior Courseload:
AP Stats
AP Econ
AP Govt</p>

CSF (11th and 12th grade)
Key Club PR Officer (10-12 grade)
Peer Mentoring Program (11th grade)
Gymnastics (10th grade)
Elected Student Body Council Dance Coordinator (11-12 grade)
Private Piano lessons (taken and passed 2 piano exams by Royal)</p>

<p>Not much EC's.. GPA isn't so great, I'm concentrating fully on test scores and my personal statement.</p>

<p>Chance me for:
UCB, UCLA, USC, Cornell, Columbia, U of Virginia, U of Michigan, U of Chicago</p>

<p>Intended Major: Business Admin., Business Econ</p>