Chance Me LACs

Hi everyone! I’m currently wrapping up my applications and looking for some insight into my chances, any help would be greatly appreciated! Please chance me for:

Bryn Mawr
Mount Holyoke

I am an upper middle class white female attending a smaller public high school in Illinois. I have interviewed for Oberlin, and have scheduled an interview at every other school besides Macalester (requested, no availability). I have visited each of these schools. I intend to study math and/or Spanish.

Academics: 4.65W/3.95UW GPA. Ranked 4/236 at the end of my junior year. I took AP Human Geography freshman year (4); AP European History as a sophomore (5); AP Psych, AP US History, and AP English Lang as a junior (all 5s); and currently taking AP Spanish Lang, AP Seminar, AP Bio, AP Calculus AB, and AP Physics 1 as a senior. Every other class I’ve taken has been at an honors level when available, and I have gotten all As and A-s so far. SAT (superscored) is 1500, 720M and 780EBRW.

Awards: National Merit Commended Scholar (national), AP Scholar with Distinction (national), Illinois State Scholar (state/regional), Spanish National Honor Society for three years (national), and High Honor Roll for four years (school).

Extracurriculars: Probably the weakest part of my application tbh. Varsity dance team for four years (eight seasons total), captain senior year. Marine biology/environmental sustainability club junior and senior years, treasurer senior year. NHS junior and senior years, currently holding an officer position as a senior. Art club all four years. Spent roughly forty hours painting a mural in my AP Psych classroom as a junior, which I designed.

LORs: I received letters of rec from my junior year honors pre-calculus teacher, my sophomore/junior year Spanish ii/honors Spanish iii teacher, and my dance coach. They were all unique and spoke of me in a positive light, but the rec from my Spanish teacher really stood out as I had a great bond with her. I didn’t get to read my counselor rec, but I assume it was good, possibly a little generic as I don’t know her that well.

Essays: I wrote about the theory of solipsism and how it changed my outlook on life. I got good feedback from the teachers I asked to proofread it, and I feel like it’s well-written and shows my intellectual curiosity. Definitely rushed my Wellesley supplement, looking to prioritize my time better for the other schools lol.

I already got accepted into my safeties not mentioned above, so no need to sugarcoat anything lol - I’m aware that I’m an average applicant at best considering the rigor and selectiveness of most of these schools.