Chance me- Lawrenceville, Andover, and Exeter.

I’m a girl from new york applying for 10th grade. i’m taking the ssat in october and i’m very sure i can score in at least the 80’s. i go to one of the best public schools in america and my grades are:

my school doesnt have a+

Algebra- A
Social studies-A
english- A
biology- A-
French- A-
Art- A-
Chorus- A-
Gym- A

My unweighted GPA is 3.77 and my weighted is 4.06

i’m going into 9th grade and taking algebra 2honors, geometry, and also world history honors.

my top choice is definitely lawrenceville, as i did the summer program there.

my ECs:
track for 2 years
dance for 6 years
nyssma violin level 1
nyssma vocal levels 2 & 3
Girl Scouts for 8 years
girl scout silver award
NHD cooperstown
Math Madness participant
starting my own tutoring company
softball for 6 years
Lawrenceville Summer Scholar 2020

my ECs aren’t great but i plan on doing a lot this year.

in the past couple years, i have gotten only 2 B+ for Q4(which isnt on my transcript) and a Pass in chorus

both these bad grades were during covid.

my IQ is 132(i took a qualified test from a psychologist at a practice)

Do you think i can get into Lawrenceville, Exeter, or Andover?

You should be admitted to at least one of your targeted schools if you score in the mid-80s or higher on the SSAT.

Even though you are well qualified, nothing is guaranteed. All that you can do is to do your best.

Good luck !

I think with NYSMMA, the score matters, not just the level. Were you, based on your score, ever nominated to represent your school in one of the honorary groups (county level)?

For context, my child is your age, and has participated in NYSSMA (Level 1 & 2 perfect scores, Level 4 24 out of 28). And was in her school’s Chamber Orchestra (by audition), in addition to the regular school orchestra. This is not considered super accomplished by private school standards.

My child also has been dancing for 10 years, 7 of ballet - well, until Covid forced the dance studio to close forever. (I was looking forward to see her perform en pointe to The Magic Flute. :frowning: ) Again, not exceptional be private school standards, maybe well rounded. How impressive your dancing is depends on the kind of dance, and level.

Girl Scouts: the Silver Award can be a tremendous accomplishment, or “oh well”. Be sure to be able to talk up what you did. Some Silver Award projects are more girl-led than others, and hopefully your project was one of those that were more girl-led. Talk it up if this was your project that you came up with and put into action. The Silver Award is only impressive if you did it and can describe what you did.

I am only addressing the ECs that I know something about.

(My child did not consider applying to any of these schools. Perhaps we have an inferiority complex.)

Your chances will be based on how you present yourself. Emphasize your strengths, and how you’re an interesting well rounded person, while avoiding being obnoxious. (It’s a delicate balance.)

Do not mention your IQ.

Do make sure your essays are interesting and well written.

And please, cast a wider net than these 3 schools!

@stalecookies: I agree that OP should consider applying to more than just these three ultra-selective boarding schools.

My impression is that the OP is a well rounded student (great grades, dance, softball, track, violin, vocal training, Girl Scouts, & tutoring) who would add positive contributions to all of these schools.

Why do you advise the OP to not mention the results of her IQ test ?

Mentioning one’s IQ tests results is just gauche.

Unless one is specifically asked for an IQ test result on the application or during the interview, it is in poor taste to include it. Furthermore, OP’s IQ test score is not out of the stratosphere relative to the applicant pool.

OP’s grades, test scores, and teacher recommendations are sufficient to indicate that OP is academically capable.

OP should focus on actual accomplishments and interests - things that paint a picture of her as an interesting intelligent person.