Chance Me - Lehigh ED, University of Florida and good schools in general

Major- Information Systems and similar

Male, NJ
African American, Hispanic, and White

~91/100 W
9th Grade: 84.63
10th Grade: 89.81
11th Grade: >96

32 Composite
9 Writing
(high for my school)

Advanced Courses:

9th Grade:
2 Honors, 1 AP

10th Grade:
4 Honors

11th Grade:
2 AP, 1 Honors, 1 IB, 1 Syracuse Dual Enrollment, 1 Community College Course

12th Grade:
4 AP, 2 Honors, 1 Rutgers Dual Enrollment, 1 IB

Extracurricular Activities:

  1. Varsity Hockey 9-12
  2. Travel Hockey 9-11
  3. TSA 10-12 (Secretary)
  4. Peer Leader 11-12
  5. Local Resource Company Volunteer 9-12
  6. Speedcubing 9-12
  7. Guitar and Piano 9-12
  8. Comp Sci Club 11-12
  9. FBLA 10–12

National African American Recognition PSAT
CompTIA Security+
2nd place in region FBLA Networking
Coding Competition Top 10
National English Honor Society
AP Scholar
Varsity Letter
(High) Honor Roll

I think my GPA is my weakness as it is fairly low for my school but I am proud of my upward trend. I really liked Lehigh but I am a bit unsure if I can get in. Some other good schools I liked: Case Western, Colorado College, University of Richmond

I’m not one to “chance” someone for a school but I will say you do fit Lehigh’s criteria.

Act scores, Race, Difficult classes, Very good extracurricular

Cons: GPA, Location.

I don’t chance people but I can give recommendations:

For the future:
Make sure you get very very good grades 1st semester of 12th grade.
Your essays are going to matter a lot. Please don’t talk about corona virus unless something very meaningful occurred. Id imagine more than half of your year’s essays are going to be corona related.
If Lehigh is your dream school, apply ED. This means you should start you essays, and letters of recommendation now.

Lehigh is big on demonstrated interest. Applying ED is a big bump there. See if admissions is doing zoom interviews. If they are, sign up for one! They are one of the few schools still doing admissions interviews with adcoms.

I think you’ll get into Lehigh, esp ED. Do you have an ED2 choice? and what is your plan for RD?

ED2 maybe GW, and I’m applying to safeties EA so I would only do RD to Syracuse if necessary