CHANCE ME: LSA, 2023 RD, Freshman, In-State

Applied RD to LSA
US Citizen
State/Location of residency: Michigan
Type of high school: large public, I’ve heard of four acceptances and two deferrals for UMich out of the students here thus far
Gender/Race/Ethnicity: Female African American and Caucasian
Other special factors: First Generation College Student

Intended Major: Psychology, African American Studies Minor

Unweighted HS GPA: 3.8
Weighted HS: 3.97
Class Rank: 36/457
ACT/SAT Scores: I applied test optional!


5 APs (4 World History, 4 AP Eng Lang, 1 psychology (this was accidentally sent!! Help :frowning: will this affect things too much?!) and 6 Honors

4 years of theatre, President
4 years of advanced choir, Secretary
3 years of National Honor Society, 80+ hours of community service
2 years of Leadership Team (community service)
Diversity Matters Union Member

2x Music Program Honors Award
District Chorus

Essays: Very Strong
Common App: I wrote about standardized tests and the flawed logic behind their weight in determining students worth & future. 8.5/10
UMich Community: I wrote about coming to terms with being a Caucasian and African American Biracial girl and how the community surrounding me helped me reach those terms 7/10
Why UMich: I was told this was very impressive by college counselors & teachers, I wrote about specific psychology courses and professors as well as how my minor will coincide with these courses. I also highlighted a student run theatre club created for POC that i found interest in! 9/10

LORs: I only had one and I was not able to view it, but my teacher was very fond of my performance, so I’m hoping it was ok!

I know my chances are low but I’m curious! Thank you :slight_smile:

When did you submit materials ? If after Feb 1, the odds are long.

You don’t need a chance me. You’ll know soon enough.

How is your rigor ?

That’s important to them. Rank is not considered per the common data set. By rigor - you have 5 APs. How many does the school offer? Did you take as many as you could ?

You certainly have a solid profile. But the actual answer will be here soon.

Good luck.