Chance Me! (L'ville, Peddie, Blair, and Andover/Exeter)

Hello! I am a seventh-grader looking to apply to a couple of boarding schools for high school. (2022-23 freshman year onward)

About Me:
-From NJ
-Asian (Specifically South Asian)

  • Public Middle School
  • She/Her (Cis Female)

Straight A student, (Mostly A+ throughout middle school) Had one B in sixth grade (art)
Didn’t take the SSAT yet but based on the practice tests I took I expect to score around the 97 or 98 percentile
Academics aren’t that rigorous (I am in honors math which is algebra 1 and accelerated English, which are the highest courses for seventh grade) and in eighth, I would be taking geometry.
I study precalc on the side (algebra 1 was slow-paced so I taught myself geometry and algebra 2 between fifth and sixth grade), and would be studying calc in eighth-grade independently

Robotics for 3 years
Tennis for 4 years (on hold due to COVID)
Debate for 2 years (I’m on the travel team for my club)
Student Council Representative for sixth and seventh grade (I plan to run for President or Vice president in eighth)
School Newspaper Editor
I am a part of an NJ young democrats chapter
Part of an FBLA chapter in my school (Plan to run for president of this in eighth grade)
I write a lot of poetry

The thing is I don’t have any major awards that I would be able to show on my application which really worries me. I do have a year so I plan to branch out and find competitions that interest me. I do have a lot of opportunities in robotics and FBLA, so I will make use of that. Any recommendations on how to make my future application stronger?

(Side Note: I do understand that all of the schools I am applying to are highly selective. My goal isn’t to get away from home, but it is to find an education that is rigorous and provides me with many opportunities. So it is either go big or go home!)

(Most leadership opportunities for my school are only open to eighth-graders, so keep in mind that this list would become more advanced later on!)

You sound well qualified academically. Super low admit schools are not the only rigorous schools out there, they may just be the ones you are familiar with. If you believe boarding schools has benefits, than you should expand your research and become familiar with more schools. If you read the stat threads you will see a lot of kids who look just like you being rejected from schools. A better slogan is find the right fit, or stay home.