Chance me? May be willing to apply ED if it will help (I really liked the school)

White Male, from Northeast PA
40/225 Class Rank
1430 SAT (one sitting), 720 SAT Chemistry
UW GPA: 3.85, W GPA: 4.1
Only 1 AP Class, 5 Duel Enrollment at local university

EC: Good Community Service, Several Clubs, Founder and President of Chemistry Club, 1st Award at Pennsylvania state level science fair, and received PA Talent Search Award

Recs: very good (2 teacher, One from Director of Former Governors School at University of Pittsburgh, One from Director of PA state science fair)

Financial Aid: Bracket- about 100k. I was hoping my net price would be around 20-25k

What are my chances? and am I looking for too much aid?