Chance me maybe?

<p>Hello! Penn State is my number one choice and I'm stressing out a bit about hearing back. If someone could chance me that would be much appreciated. I applied undecided so into DUS</p>

<p>GPA: 3.4 - my school does not give me different scores for weighted or unweighted... 3 Honors classes and a moderately rigorous senior year schedule
Five point increase in grades from sophomore to junior year.
Class Rank: N/A top public school in New Jersey
SAT: 1790 (610 R, 590 M, 590 W)
ACT: 25 (27 E, 27 M, 25 R, 21 S, 26 Writing), 25 (25 E, 25 M, 22 R, 28 S, 25 Writing)</p>

<p>State: New Jersey
Gender: Female
Race: Asian but did not list
Essay: Decent, showed my interest in PSU</p>

<p>Extras: Went on a campus tour, local information session and school information session. Checked off that I would do the summer program
EC's: 2 years of JV field hockey, captain for one. 3 years of lacrosse, freshman captain, jv captain, varsity member, student council member for two years. Been working since age 13</p>

<p>PSUadmissions once retweeted me on twitter so I feel like that should count for something :)</p>