Chance me - Merit Aid

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Out of State (Texas)
GPA: Weighted: 4.0 UW: 3.6-3.7
ACT: 32
Activities: Student Council, Ambassadors, NEHS, History Honor Society, Academic Team, Young Life Youth Ministry, President’s Leadership Council, Founder of school newspaper, Founder and President of “Future Active Citizens” Club
AP Courses: By the end of senior year, I will have taken 12 AP/Honors classes during high school

  • AP Human Geo, AP World, APUSH, AP Gov, AP Econ, AP East Asian History
  • Honors English I, AP English II, AP English III, AP English IV
  • Honors Biology
  • AP Psychology

You probably don’t need this info anymore (you posted awhile ago) but your stats are similar to my DS17 (though different ECs) and he received the Faculty merit scholarship (18K a year, I believe).