Chance me Michigan Engineering [NY resident, 4.0 GPA, 700RW/790M SAT]

US citizen
Upstate New York
High ranking public hs*:

Aerospace Engineering**

4.0 unweighted GPA**

  • Class Rank: No ranking
    SAT Scores: 700 R 790 Math
    not superscore

10 AP classes by graduation
so far 6 AP tests
Scores (4- 5s and 2 4s)
Plenty of awards

Varsity Tennis
HOnor SOciety
VIce President Student council
Math League
Varsity basketball
Part time job
Tutoring in school
Engineering club leader
etc etc
Very good letters of rec…

Is University of Michigan affordable?

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yes. Other reach schools are Duke and northwestern (neither have aero major though)

With so many students applying it’s really hard to chance anymore… There will be about 90,000 applications or so.

The numbers are good but many will have higher Sat scores. They look at rigor and GPA.

Write a really good essay. Take your time with it. Use this to your advantage.

Engineering is 3.93 unweighted with 34 Act. 1490 Sat.

FYI for LSA it’s 3.9 and 32-35 Act so not much of a difference. This is why it’s hard to get in.

Good luck.

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If they don’t have the major you want to study, why apply there?

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Aero minor or certificate and great schools Why ask why. Try bud dry.

There are also other great schools that have highly ranked aero engineering majors and are easier to get into, so hopefully you have those on your list too.

Do you have a chance? Yes. Is it a given? No.

For Duke and NU - it’s tough - your SAT is too low but math really good. You may consider TO.

I hope you have targets / safeties - at least safeties - just in case.

A Purdue would be a good fallback to Michigan - not a safety but I’d think it happens. And for aero - not sure it truly matters where you go.

Good luck.

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My son applied to Michigan a few years ago - electrical engineering. 4.0 UW gpa, 1540 SAT (800 math), valedictorian, 10 APs - all 5’s, excellent state-level EC’s, excellent LORs. He was deferred EA and then admitted Regular Decision. He did write a letter of continued interest. After being deferred, I was surprised that he eventually got in.

Just a data point, so you can set your expectations. Good luck!!

(ETA: OOS from NJ)

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Thank you very much for the response. Def applying to Purdue along with Syracuse (local) RPI, and a few others

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TY Very much

Is GT on your list? My son is a third year there now, and friends with a lot of Aero kids. Tons of amazing clubs, facilities, research & intern/job opportunities. SpaceX and Blue Origin are on campus recruiting this week, along with many other aero/astrospace companies. He has had a fantastic experience so far. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

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yes that is on the list as well ty

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What courses have you taken each year, particularly what Stem courses as you are an engineering applicant? What stem courses does your school offer that you have not taken?