Chance Me Middlebury ED '26

I submitted my ED I application to Middlebury College last week, and I’m freaking out about my changes.
I have a 4.6 weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale.
I am 5th in my class (top 5%)
I am NOT submitting any test scores.
I have taken seven AP classes, and the rest of my courses were honors.
I have many extracurriculars; including leadership roles for all four years of highschool and two paying jobs.
My Common App essay is really good according to everyone who’s read it.
Let me know what you think!

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Why are you freaking out?

Just make sure you are applying to other schools early action where avail.

PS - i hope you got truly objective reviews on your essay…many will tell you it’s good because they want to make you feel good…but did it show something interesting and insightful about you.

Last year, 50% of applicants were TO but they don’t say how many were accepted vs. those who submitted.

I wouldn’t freak out - you’ll get in or you won’t and life will go on and you’ll find a wonderful program for you. Find others to back up that you might like such as Skidmore - and you’ll be fine.

Good luck.

I am assuming you did the best job you could and feel good about what you submitted!! So no reason to undermine your confidence or get you to question yourself.

All of the stats and descriptions (GPA, class rank and extracurriculars) you provide suggest you are a great candidate! Don’t allow yourself to obsess or worry to the extent that is possible.

Prepare for any outcome but keep stay positive and good luck!!

I wasn’t trying to undermine - but there will be other apps - so just making sure they had a teacher or someone familiar with college admissions read it.

I did say not to freak out and obviously their GPA is strong.

I’m simply saying- it’s out of your control and while I hope they get in and they certainly have a solid opportunity, you still need to continue through the application process for other schools of interest.

And if your essay wasn’t reviewed by a true third party with an understanding of what an essay should be like, it might be smart to get another opinion.

That’s all.

Definitely not looking to undermine.

Telling a 17 year old who is already freaking out not to freak out while providing something incremental to freak out about I suspect adds unnecessary anxiety.

I agree with your suggestion that he review everything and update as and if needed and know you are well intentioned but this kid seemingly has a great application and a real shot. He/she is also “going crazy”. I would much rather focus on the positives and integrate advice. Can’t change his/her ED application now.

Different approach and just my 2 cents.

FYI ED at Middlebury is binding so there hopefully won’t be other applications.

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Other apps if doing EA….

By not freaking out OP I simply was saying you have great grade, you put your best foot forward and hope for the best. ED gives you your best odds but clearly you are a fine student regardless.
You’ve done what you can. Life is long. If you are in at Mid, that’s awesome. But if not, there’s a zillion schools you can excel at.

You certainly are competitive so keep the faith .

Ps. Why did they remove the edit button ?

Didn’t mean to downgrade your chances.

We are all amateurs. But you likely have a very impressive application

Good luck.

Thank you so much for your feedback!


My essay was read by my AP lit teacher who is an extremely hard grader and a college expert whom I had never met before through a program for low income applicants.

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I also applied EA to UVM, Northeastern, URichmond, and Ithaca. But Middlebury is my dream school so I am hoping to get in there!


I wish you luck but I’m glad you have Ithaca and UVM to fall back on.

Just make sure you run the NPCs to ensure affordability - I forget if there was an issue there.

@midd_app26 my sense is you have solid credentials and you present as a strong candidate. You have done the work, created your narrative and now your application is before the AdCom for review. It is perfectly natural to be nervous and anxious during this waiting period! If there are any other schools you are considering, continue to work on those applications so you feel like you are making forward progress with the whole process.
You’ve got a lot of really great schools in the balance!
I am rooting for you! My D21 is a first year and very happy! Deep breaths and best wishes!

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