Chance me MIT

SAT I (breakdown): n/a
ACT (breakdown): 35 (M:34; E:34; R:35; S:36; W:33) two sittings
SAT II: Math II: 770 Bio M: 740
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): I have a 94.19 unweighted
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 16% my class is pretty smart
AP (place score in parenthesis): 5 on Bio and sadly 3 on Chem
IB (place score in parenthesis): n/a
Senior Year Course Load: AP Macro, AP BC Calc, AP Physics C
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National Merit Commended


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
Varsity Soccer 10, 11,12 (captain),
Varsity Lacrosse 10,11,12 (maybe captain idk yet), was named to first team attack in my league as a junior
Environmental Awareness Club 11,
First chair bassoon in audition wind ensemble and audition symphonic orchestra
NHS 11,12

Job/Work Experience:
-Lifeguard last summer
-Dishwasher summer before that
Volunteer/Community service: I started a book drive and asked my friends to donate test prep books to me and I gave it to my neighbor who is a principle at an underprivileged school

Summer Activities:
-Travel lacrosse
-Travel Soccer

Essays (rating 1-10, details): (9/10)- wrote about being compared to my older brother which was very honest and I think my best essay
(8-10)-wrote about my highschool and how unique and diverse it is (we have no walls inbetween classrooms)
Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):

Teacher Rec #1: 10/10- Chem honors teacher loved me and I consistently received A’s in the class. Saw my mom at the grocery store and asked her if I needed a recommendation. Very good
Teacher Rec #2: 9/10- Macro and US teacher. Also summer lacrosse coach. Knows me very well
Counselor Rec: I don’t see why it would be lower than an 8/10
Additional Rec: 8/10 my high school lacrosse coach, I think it was pretty good, I’m one of the best players
9/10 my music teacher, asked me to switch instruments as a freshman and now I am first chair
Interview: Went very well. Same guy interviewed my brother and loved him and he said he loved me too. Lasted an hour and a half


Applied for Financial Aid?: no
Intended Major: I don’t know what to wear to school let alone what I want to be in life
State (if domestic applicant): NY baby
Country (if international applicant):
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Half white half Indian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: 250k+
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): My brother attends MIT and he’s a starter on the soccer team and he has a 5.0, the lacrosse coach is supporting my admission as well as the music director(he didn’t come out and say he would support it like the lacrosse coach did, but I’m pretty sure he will)


MIT is a reach to high reach for everyone

@NJCCNJ That’s a lie, it’s not a reach to high reach for “everyone”. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Stop perpetuating the ridiculous lie about ivy leagues being a high reach for everyone. I don’t remember the article exactly, but someone wrote a popular article as to which people are most likely to get into ivies. Hint: Good or better grades, outstanding EC’s.

@RandomScreen First, you have to calm down… Then, do you realize how many people with 4.0s and 2300+ and amazing EC Ivies reject? I’ve seen several of my friends like that getting rejected from Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and Duke which I believe is easier to get in than MIT and HYP. Then, a single article doesn’t generalize everything. And I’m just chancing him/her based on my experience.

@RandomScreen @NJCCNJ I was just wondering what you guys thought… don’t argue thanks and my brother got in so this stuff isn’t impossible. And I’ve visited many of times and most of the kids I met weren’t robots so people can get in…

The math score is most important for MIT, and while yours are stellar, they are below avg for MIT, so that could be a red flag. But the lacrosse coach support may make up for that

Heh. You should be careful about band. You might get stuck doing it in college bassooner or later.

High reach, fam, nothing more to say.

@awesomepolyglot the wind ensemble director told me that I don’t have to play even if he supports my admission when I met him. But yeah it is a massive reach I’m not getting my hopes up

It was a band joke, because I love puns. I hope you do get in, though.

@awesomepolyglot thanks I appreciate the support

Your stats and rank are not competitive enough for that calibar of school - Reach (unless the coach can intervene)