CHANCE ME?!?!? (my SAT is a....1880) >_<***

<p>Do i stand a chance at brown (or any ivy) (SAT is a …1880) ??? some kids have 4.0 gpa, 2100 SAT, great currics and get deferred!!! ><
here are my stats…
lols i want to go here sooooo badly, you have no idea!!! (brown univ is out of my reach lol)
gpa. 3.97 W
SAT scores: 1880 O<strong><em>O* sweat*
Subject test: didn’t take it yet…
Act:27…O</em></strong>_O; <em>gulp</em>
taken all honors…
taken all the math and science classes available at my skool
ONLY taken 2 AP’s-calc and physics- (but made it up with college courses at harvard and this community college) so…think of it as…6 AP’s…lols
skool type: catholic
rank: top 10% (out of 350)
ethnicity:asian (works against me!!! arghhh!!!) >.< first gen. to go to college in america
no legacy…
essay…so so…
recs…standard…i got one from my lab teacher in harvard summer school tho…
extra currics: Live Poet’s Society, Book Club, Mission Club, Interact CLub, Founder of a charity organization, Indian Classical dance, Math League, tutoring, vocal recordings in multi-languages, independent cancer research reviews, piano, and thats pretty much it…
Languages: Tamil-mother tongue, Telugu-2nd mother tongue, Hindi-can only read and speak a little- (Indian dialects), Russian-can speak and read Cyrillic, and Spanish…and Japanese ^.^* and im sending colleges me singing in russian and english ^O^*
Other factors: Completed 8 credit course for undergraduate biology in Harvard this summer…and im sending brown this huge lab report thing from harvard summer skool on Meotic Mapping on Yeast…
so pleaseeeee chance me?!?
i dont have a good SAT, i don’t think my currics are that impressive, my gpa doesn’t stand out when applying to brown, my essays are OK, anddddddd…lol did i mention the SAT score…xD 20% chance i get in? 10%? lols…25%? LOLxD</p>

<p>p.s. i wanna major in bio or biomedical engineering</p>

<p>sorry to say, but you have 0 chance (just b/c of your SAT score)</p>

<p>Improved SAT score to close to 2000 but it was not
good enough I guess for the Ivies.
A jump of nearly 100 points!!!!!!!!!!!!
ACT was only a 29.
3.97 was actually UW and 4.30 was W.
Took pains for the essays, esp for Brown.
My friend a National Merit Finalist, got rejected by all the Ivies.
Still I got into some very good colleges. LoL. but not
Brown. Getting into an Ivy is a Crap Shoot!!!!!!</p>

<p>My brother just got accepted and is going to attend Brown for political sci/philosophy hes
Sat: 1940
GPA: 3.8
Many AP courses getting higher than a 3 in most of the exams
Many Honor societies being president and officer in all of them
Being awarded the highest award available for The Forensic League(Debate) named the Outstanding distinction of exellence and merrit
300+ hours of community service in honor societies, and as a confirmation teacher
Lead the National Honor Society of our school into being Nationaly recognized as one of the top ten NHS societies of all the U.S
He also worked in a community research project over the summer called the Community Scholars
He wrote a good essay
Awards in UIL competitions and science fair
He isn't even in the top ten of his class and does not have an outstanding sat score but got in.</p>

<p>he also got into upenn</p>

<p>i really dont know what these colleges want anymore...2 confusing...</p>