Chance Me NEU, BC, Emory, etc

Hello, I’m a Senior applying to EA: BC, NEU and RD: BU, Emory, U of Miami, Georgia Tech, UT, NYU, and TAMU
I am mainly concerned about my unbalanced SAT score and my ECs. I am an immigrant who moved about 7 years ago so I have limited knowledge. Thank you in advance to those who apply!!

About Me:
Sex: M
From: Public High School in Texas
Race: Asian-Korean
Desired Major: Mathematics

SAT: 1440 (790 math 650 English It is not really balanced I know), 800 Math II
Rank: Top 15% in a graduating class of 368 (we dont really do ranks anymore)
UW: 3.85 W: 5.01
AP Scores: They are not that great mostly 3s and few 4s


  • Senior Year Courses: AP Calc BC, AP Physics II, AP Environmental Science, AP Econ (Macro), AP Gov, Aerospace Engineering(PLTW), English IV (currently making all As)
  • AP Courses (9th to 11th): AP Human Geo, AP Language and Composition, AP World History, AP Computer Science, AP Stat, AP Chem, AP Physics I
  • All As Sophomore but B in AP Lang and all As in junior, and my freshman year was a disaster due to my limited knowledge in whole High School system


  • Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Soceity, Soccer (only 9th), Orchestra all 4 years


  • Work as a Cashier at a cleaners for couple years. Cueerntly working somewhere else but it is not in my resume because I got this job very recently.


  • Nepal Refugee- I mainly helped the little kids as an english teacher. And, I organized and planned many other activieties for them
  • Also, various math tutoring section for students who needed help
  • Volunteered in a Mock ACT/SAT session as a helper and administrator
  • And, other religious volunteer activities