Chance me Northeastern 3.4 GPA (UW) 1500 SAT

My stats are not great, so I probably won’t get in, but I would like to know my chances anyway (I applied early action, if that is necessary to know):

Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering


3.4 GPA (UW, my school doesn’t do weighted or ranking)

1500 SAT (800 Math, 700 Reading/Writing)

AP courses taken so far: AP Physics 1, AP Calculus BC (5 on both exams)

AP courses I’m currently taking/will take as a senior: AP Physics C (Mech and E&M), AP Statistics, AP French, AP Macroeconomics

Honors courses I have taken: Pre-calculus honors, Chemistry Honors, French 4 Honors

Honestly with just your academics it can’t really be chanced- your stats look pretty good but without any knowledge of EC’s, recs, essays, or other factors it’s impossible to chance. Overall, college is crazy and such a random weird process now that chancing even with every single piece of info about you could be entirely inaccurate! Wishing you good luck though :slight_smile:

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So how did things pan out? Where did you land?? Hope you’re happy.

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didn’t get into Northeastern lol, but I’m at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University rn. Definitely happy! Thanks :slight_smile: