Chance me Northeastern ED1 Please!

  • GPA: 92.62- this is weighted bc that is all my school submits
  • 8 AP classes and 6 honors
    • EDIT: I only took 3 APs Junior year and 6 honors combining my Freshman and Sophomore years…I am taking 5 rn as a senior which is how it is 8 in total
  • no test scores :confused:
  • Come from a pretty competitive HS in NJ and each year neu accepts about 30% of the people who apply from my school and about 15 enroll
  • Intended major: CS + Journalism
  • Extracurriculars:
    • Coded an app for a company that was on the AppStore and deployed to 80+ clients
    • Wrote for my town and school newspapers
    • Taught Hindi to young students and organized cultural events in town to preserve traditions
    • Dance for 10+ years
    • Part of National Honors Society
    • Organized free virtual math classes for underprivileged middle-schoolers
    • Choreographer for my school’s cultural dance team
    • Part of a select-choir
    • service club: collect toys, games, and stuffed animals for children at RWJ University hospital
    • Over 250 volunteer hours
  • I think I have a pretty good essay and recommendations but I am scared about applying test optional
  • Also, I visited campus and a regional presentation and have showed A LOT of demonstrated interest

Please be honest lol I do not want to get my hopes up…THANK YOU!!!

What is your rank or what would you estimate. Also a 92 if you did a 4 for an A, 3 for B, what would your gpa be? Most schools will convert.

I’m guessing your unweighted gpa is lower than their average, and not having high test scores won’t help.

our school does not submit unweighted bc they only give 5 extra points for both honors and AP… people have applied ED from my school have gotten in w lower GPAs but you are right about the test scores, definitely a low point for sure. I appreciate your reply!!

Our school does not rank so I am not sure…Also, I’m sorry idk what you mean about the GPA conversion could you please explain it? Thank you!!

Also, would applying ED help a bit in that case?

An A =4.0. B= 3.0

Is a 90 an A. Or 95 an A etc.

For our school, a 94 is considered a 4.0 and a 92.6 is around a 3.86

From my perspective, you are WAY above what you are giving yourself credit for. I’d be very surprised if you didn’t get in and abt the test scores I’ve noticed that while they certainly do prefer it if you submit scores, it def won’t hurt to not submit and I’ve seen a lot of test-optional people get in ivies with similar statistics and even worse extracurriculars if I’m being honest. Well done!

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Im literally crying rn THANK YOU SM!!!

Interesting. BU is comparable. The average ACT is 34. But you look at the fine print. Only 42% submitted.

Certainly a reasonable chance ED. Not assured but certainly in range.

For CS your level of math will matter.

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Thank you!! I have heard that neu does not admit by major, which is def a plus but I have done up to AP Calc BC

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Haha no problem