ACT superscore (breakdown):34S (35E, 34M, 33R, 33S)
SAT II (subject, score): Math II (710)
Unweighted/Weighted GPA: 3.9/4.1
AP/IB (place score in parentheses): AP World (3), APUSH (3), AP Lit (3), AP Chem (3)
Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus BC, college English, Hon Physics, Spanish 4, AP Stats, AP Macroeconomics
Number of other ED applicants in your school: 1
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel, etc.): Intel excellence in Comp Sci award, state science day qualifier
Common Awards (AP Scholar, honor roll, NM things, etc.):

Extracurriculars (name, grade levels, leadership, description):
Head of investment committee at school, really got this off the ground and am teaching girls financial literacy
Research project w mathematical modeling of stock market
Ambassador for my school- give tours, help admission office
Treasurer for my school- sell bagels to raise money for student gov
Tutor my brother who has autism
4 year varsity tennis player, captain senior year
Job/Work Experience: work for parents in real estate and babysit
Volunteer/Community Service: tutor young children
Summer Experience: prestigious internship at investment research firm
Teacher Recommendation #1: 10/10 he is a phenomenal writer
Teacher Recommendation #2: 8/10 I thoroughly enjoyed his class
Counselor Rec: 10/10 we are very close
Additional Info/Rec: 9/10 from my boss at internship

Writing (Subject, 1-10 rating, details):
Why Penn: 9/10 pretty good
CommonApp Essay: 10/10 totally embodies me (about morality and business/social responsibilty

Date Submitted App:
Applied for Financial Aid? No
U.S. State/Territory or Country: Ohio
School Type: all girls private
Ethnicity: white
Gender: female
Income Bracket Range:
Hooks (URM, first generation, recruited athlete, development): Army ROTC applicant

Strengths: Ecs, I have a clear passion and examples of what I want to do
Weaknesses: GPA is a bit lower than accepted applicants from my school and my test scores could be higher
Were else were you accepted/deferred/rejected:
What would you have done differently?:

@snowshoe123 Why have you decided to apply ND Regular Decision?

I ED’d to another school. In the event I am accepted, I plan to Regular Decision ND.

@snowshoe123 Regular Admission at Notre Dame in general and the Mendoza College of Business (MCOB) undergraduate program specifically can be a challenging process, as it will include both the general university admission process and an additional pre-approval to MCOB.

Notre Dame’s Office of Admissions will contact those students not pre-approved for business and ask them if they are interested in an alternative major. If the applicants, once fully advised of the limited options for internal transfer to business, still choose to accept an offer of admission without the business guarantee, they will be asked to select a different intended major at another ND College of their choice. For ND first choice applicants, more often than not, the primary goal is to attend the University of Notre Dame in this case.

As Notre Dame is not your first choice college, as expressed by the ED application, you should carefully consider your Regular Decisions options, if it were to come to it, subsequent to your ED decision (presumably you meant not accepted in your post above) - Notre Dame/MCOB certainly should be part of the mix in this case. Best of luck and success!

Deferred from early decision at another university. Notre Dame RD is now my top choice.

Best of luck and success @snowshoe123!