Chance Me NYU Transfer Data Science CAS

College Freshman at the UW Seattle and transferring to NYU for Fall 2021

Previously rejected by NYU as a high school senior with a 3.64 GPA. GPA now at the UW Seattle is 3.76.

Didn’t submit any SAT scores, but NYU probably has it on file from the past.
AP Scores:
AP Calc BC - 5
AP Physics Mech - 3 (Made up for this by getting a 3.6 in Calculus Physics at the UW)
AP Physics E&M - 4

Courses taken: Multivariable Calc, Diff Eq, CS Java I & II, Calculus Physics (Mechanical), Scientific Computing

Current credits earned: 57

Organized a state hackathon that is part of a national hackathon network focusing on elevating women and non-binary individuals accessibility to tech
Video editor, podcast producer and data analyst at a youth-led non-profit organization that advocates for the Asian community, has 98k followers on Instagram and 7k followers for podcast
Was a Director of Video Productions for a youth-led online magazine focusing on empowering women and non-binary individuals in STEM
Was a research intern at NYU for applied mathematics research
Was an executive committee student council member of high school

Essays - Discussed growing interest in the intersection of data science and social justice from the experience of reclaiming my Vietnamese identity and work at my non-profit organization. Felt pretty good about it.

Rec Letters - Asian American Lit Professor (6/10) - Was during the pandemic so didn’t really make a huge connection but met up with him once or twice to seek advice from class so I guess we did have some relationship (also got a 4.0 in his class and mentioned the class in my essay)
Immediate director from the non-profit organization (9/10) - She really knows what I do for the organization, my skills, and my personality and she also goes to NYU now.
Immediate director from hackathon organization (9/10) - Know what and how I contributed to the organization, my work ethic, and my personality as well.

As long as you can afford the full tuition, you may have a chance.

NYU may not see a reason for your transfer, if you’ve been getting all this good experience at UW and may wonder why you need to transfer.

If they have your record of the previous rejection, they may continue with that status. It’s about “fit” for them. They have to see you as fitting into their school. Also transfers, overall, get really limited funding, and NYU is known to be very stingy with their aid.

hi thank you for your response! i don’t think i have an issue with financial aid and i have outlined specifically why i no longer want to attend the uw (major at the uw didn’t have what i was looking for). i think fit wise that’s up to them haha, but i am applying for a different major but same school this time.