Chance me - NYU, UMich Ross, UNC, IU Kelley, BU, UW Madison, Emory

I have some local safeties, but need to know if I should apply to more colleges for business major.

GPA - 4.2 Weighted, 8 APs and 8 Honors in a fairly competitive school
SAT - 1470 Superscore, 1440 - highest

Strong EC - Varsity sports, State choir, Started business, Presidential Service Award, run a band (with original compositions)

South Asian, Girl.

I am a fairly good writer (so I’ve been told) and essays are coming out well. (though feeling rushed now!)

Can you chance me for NYU, UMich Ross, UNC, IU Kelley, BU, UW Madison, Emory?
I am only doing EA not ED.


^ FYI, NYU, BU and Emory only have ED and RD, no EA.

What is your unweighted GPA?

Are you a US resident and if so which state (it’s not entirely clear what you mean by “local safeties”)?

Michigan uses uwGPA and also doesn’t superscore. Also, you would need to specify the “home school” (LSA, CoE, etc.) to which you would apply at UMich.

Assuming you’re not in-state to Michigan, the OOS Ross admit is likely the most difficult at Michigan and will depend a great deal on your portfolio submission.

Too hard to assess.

I calculated my unweighted to be 3.6.
I had 2 Cs in freshman year :frowning:

I am from IL.

And am applying to UIC, Marquette and Loyola as safety.

Ok. I’m not sure about Kelley and UW-M, but that GPA and SAT score does make the others, both the privates and the publics for out of state, largely reaches, BU maybe a bit more attainable than the others. (You say business so I assume you’d be applying to Stern at NYU.)

I feel there is something of a gap between many of these, and your safeties. What about somewhere like Fordham? I think you’d be more of a match there, and its business school is well regarded. (And Fordham does EA.)

I said this somewhere else here on CC else today, but I’d highly recommend that you apply UMich LSA with an uwGPA of 3.6 and even that is probably a stretch for an OOS applicant. uwGPA and course rigor are the two most important factors to UMich per the CDS.

The average uwGPA for the Ross admitted student is 3.91.

If you’re accepted to LSA, and attend UMich, then you can always apply for a transfer to Ross. IIRC, the internal transfer acceptance rate to Ross is about 51%. That’s what I would say to my own D21.

Also, you have the option to apply for a Ross minor. Sorry I’m not familiar with the admissions to the other schools you listed.

Thanks for that. I understand we have to get accepted to LSA first anyway.

The only question, which I am sure, many face is to chose between a direct admit to a another solid business program or to go to LSA and hope to get into Ross later.

Anyway, all we can do now is try! Thanks again.

I should have been more clear.

I’d apply to LSA only. I wouldn’t apply for Ross Preferred Admission as a freshman applicant, if I were you IMO. Once you’re denied admission to Ross as a freshman applicant, you cannot re-apply as an internal applicant.

Sorry about that earlier post being less than clear.

There a lot of factors in choosing a school, but if being a direct admit to a business program is critical to your final decision, then choose the direct admit.