Chance me on Ivies? Appreciate feedback :)

Hi. I’m a junior this year, planning on applying for the Ivies in my senior year. I just want to get some feedback on maybe increasing my chances? I’m sure that no matter what I do, getting a rejection letter is still highly likely, but I just want to get some feedback on things that I can possibly improve on, if that makes any sense haha.

Female, Asian (just to put it there XD

So, here’s my stats (as of the beginning of junior year):
CURRENT Weighted GPA: 4.6385
CURRENT Unweighted GPA: 3.8577 (My school gives 4.0 to A+ and 3.85 to A)
CURRENT rank: 5/449
I attend an ordinary public school
SAT: I took it once and got a 1500, I plan on taking it a second time.
Subject test: Math II and Biology M (haven’t taken those yet)
Intended major: environmental science or buisness
Hopefully my stats will improve since I’m taking a very rigious courseload this year :slight_smile:

AP Courseload: (If everything goes expected, I’ll be graduating with 15 AP)
Freshman: all honors, not allowed to taken ap
Sophmore: AP Seminar, APUSH
Junior: AP Research, AP Calc AB, AP World, AP Language, AP Statistics, AP Physics I
Senior: AP Calc BC, AP Gov, AP Environmental Science, AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP Literature, AP Physics II
(I also took some community college courses at my local community college)

Extracurriculars: (not stunning)
Boston Alliance for Climate Education, ACE Action Fellowship (advocate to divest state pensions from fossil fuels)
Science National Honor Society, Co-Founder and Vice President (raise money and raised garden beds)
Relay for Life, signature fundraiser for American Cancer Society, President (raise money to asc, attend annual tufts rfl walk)
Bioinformatics Inquiry through Sequencing at Tufts University (6 week summer program on biosequencing, dna)
Sierra Club, Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) Climate Justice League, community organizer (campaigned renewable energy economy)
Sunrise Movement, campaign volunteer, recruiter (created project on #ShineALight for NHS)
Zonta International feminist organization, core member (Project on “End Violence against women,” recognized at Annual Youth Recognition Night 2018 by Mayor)
Culture Connection Club, Co-Founder and President, affiliated with non-profit organization Chinese Culture Connection (Assisted successful Malden Campaign to elect 2017 city counselor, held Chinese festivals)
Interact Rotary International service club, President (held food drives)

These are some short 6 weeks program that’ll I’ll participate later this year:
BioBuilder Educational Foundation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Intern
The Student Conservation Association, National Crews (a trip into wild, camping)

I will continue to devote time and effort into these clubs, since I feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything big yet. My reach schools will be Stanford, UPenn, and Columbia. I have safeties but I won’t list them here. So, feedback? Thanks a lot for reading this :)))))

The recognition night was at March 2017, not 2018. So sorry for the typo :((((

Are you applying to all the Ivy League schools (as the title of your thread suggests) or only to Penn and Columbia?

@MrSamford2014 I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to apply to ALL of them but upenn and columbia are for sure. As of now, I am considering applying to all but I still not sure yet. I will have it decided by senior year :slight_smile:

There are plenty of great schools, some with better teaching than Ivy League schools. Sounds like you care about prestige over fit. You are making a mistake if you only focus on schools with under a 10% admission rate.

@Deaston Oh yes, I definitely have other schools I want to apply too, but for this post, I was mainly wondering about my chances of getting into an Ivy. I have a whole list of schools that aren’t just the Ivies that I think would be a great fit for me :slight_smile:

No one will be able to tell you with any accuracy. Junior year is really important so work hard to keep up your grades.

@Deaston Yep, I definitely will. Thank you :slight_smile: