chance me one last time !! (will return the favor)

<p>my stats:
sat II 750 math lvl2 800 chemistry
toefl 105
sat I 670 cr 760m 610w :( baaaad essay
need full ride
honorable mention on international chemistry olympiad
twice winner of national chemistry olympiads
3 times winner of regional chemistry olympiads
silver medal in international mendeleev chemistry olympiad</p>

<p>graduated from high school with gpa 5.0 from 5.0
letter of thanks from minister of education
letter of thanks from city and regional government
plethora of school awards on both academics and extra curriculars (about 18)
upon graduation recieved diploma for excellency from ministry ( only 2 students from my high school and about 10 in total for the city i live in got this diploma)
rank 1 from class of 90 students
extra curriculars
7 years soccer: was in junior team of the city, as a part of the team was champion of the state championship twice
3 years volleyball
3 years debating club (president)
3 years school parliament (pesident)
3 years dance club
2 years at school choir
2 years athletics
1 year trained national team on chemistry, employed by government
worked as engineer assitant for 3 months
worked at a shop 1 year
worked as interpreter 1 year
very good recommendations from teachers and counselor )
got only A's for the last 5 years of study in high school
volunteer work at local orphanage (never counted hours )
very tough academic curriculum (15 subjects per year)
very good essays</p>

<p>my list:
st. lawrence

<p>seems like that's it
will greatly appreciate any type of criticism
and you will be a lifesaver if you suggest any other colleges or universities
thanks in advance
good luck everybody!!</p>

<p>P.S. forgot to mention, I am an international applicant, not in community college</p>

<p>Good afternoon, and happy holidays! I am beyond impressed by your chemistry achivements, work experience, and sports. Your SAT Reasoning scores are not as high as what most applicants to Princeton and Dartmouth have. Assuming that you didn't go right from high school to college, you should be fine with Princeton. However, if you're in a community college or something (which you didn't mention), you won't be able to apply to Princeton. I would say that you have great chances at all of these schools besides Dartmouth and Princeton, which are reaches for you (as they are for everybody). However, you're a very strong candidate, and you will succeed wherever you end up.</p>

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<p>you have a high chance for all of these schools except Princeton and Dartmouth which are definitely reaches because your test scores are pretty low for them. </p>

<p>your ECs are great and so is your schoolwork. maybe retake the SAT to improve your chances for the ivies?</p>

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<p>everything besides that SAT writing section looks pretty solid. i have heard that the writing section carries the least weight when compared to the other two sections. maybe if you write some amazing essays that can offset your poor score. besides that your ec's are amazing, subject tests are great, and gpa is impressive. i would recommend that you apply to the engineering/science programs of the schools you are interested so your high level in math in science can overshadow your poor writing and average reading skills.</p>

<p>i am no expert but this is my opinion:</p>

<p>princeton - reach
dartmouth - between reach and low match
williams - low match
rest - match</p>

<p>i would still apply to all of these schools. they are by no means outside of your capabilities and its worth the application fee just to be sure you wont be admitted.</p>

<p>As the other posters have said, Princeton and Darthmouth will be reaches but your a great match for the rest of those schools! </p>

<p>plz chance me!<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>SAT II scores will work well for you</p>

<p>Princeton- definite reach (retake SAT to become more competitive)
Amhert/Williams - probably in
dartmouth - reach (again, retake SAT)
sorry, don't know anything about the others</p>

<p>One disadvantage is your SAT scores, which could improve a little in the writing area. Another is that you are an international applicant. It will be VERY VERY difficult for you to get a full ride to Dartmouth/Princeton.</p>

<p>I could suggest other schools if I knew which major you were looking at.
good luck!</p>

<p>Your rather lowish SATs are drowned out by your tidal wave of ECs :p
International kiiiinda hurts, aid will be sparse</p>

<p>Ivies - reach, as always ^_^ but you're competitive
Amherst - solid match
Williams - solid match
rest - match</p>

<p>dartmouth - low reach
williams - high match
amherst - high match
princeton - reach
colgate - high match</p>

<p>Don't know about the rest.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> chance back for my top choice! Penn :)
Decent SAT scores, but writing is madddd low
Williams-matchy reach
colgate-low match</p>

<p>dartmouth - reach
williams - match
amherst - match
princeton - reach
colgate - match
colby - ?
st. lawrence - match
bates - match</p>

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<p>dartmouth - low reach
williams - low match
amherst - match
princeton - reach (for everyone)
colgate - match
colby - match
st. lawrence - match
bates - match</p>

<p>also, im not sure how needing fa will affect your chances at some of the schools that aren't need blind though.</p>

<p>thanks, replied everyone</p>

<p>dartmouth- low reach
williams- match, for sure
amherst- match
princeton- reach, but Princeton is always a tossup</p>

<p>all the rest are matches! Good luck, you look really, really solid. :) your stats are simply superb.</p>

<p>dartmouth - match
williams - low match
amherst - match
princeton - reach (for everyone)
colgate - match
colby - match
st. lawrence - match
bates - match
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<p>replied, thanks</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>dartmouth - low reach
williams- match
princeton - reach
colgate -match
colby- match
st. lawrence-match

<p>ok..I agree that your SAT IIs are splendid but your SAT I could limit your chances at Princeton and Dartmouth. I would say that you're in at most of the colleges you're applying to, with the exception of Princeton. Dartmouth is somewhat of a reach, but with good recs and essays I think you still have a good chance. Nevertheless, you should consider retaking the SAT I...
Good Luck!</p>

<p>dartmouth- high match (for the SOLE reason of somewhat low SAT I)
williams- low match
amherst- match
princeton- reach (but then again, it is so for everybody)
colgate- match
colby- match
st. lawrence- match
bates- match</p>

<p>You are an excellent candidate for nearly all of the schools. The two biggest problems are your SAT Is which have already been mentioned many times, and the fact that you need a full ride. Ivies are not very keen on paying entire tuitions and being an international candidate will work somewhat against you. Good luck though!</p>