Chance Me? OOS and URM. Will Chance Back!

<p>Hey Guys!, im a rising senior in high school, so as you can imagine, Im looking at colleges and getting a little bit nervous. African American Female residing in Maryland - I attend a public school. I am also applying to University of Maryland - College Park, UVA, Washington University in St. Louis, and Penn State. If you would like for me to chance you back, feel free to leave a link! Let’s Get Started…</p>

<p>By the end of my senior year, all of my “special classes” would be <em>G/T - Gifted and Talented- is regarded as a step above honors in my school, to avoid confusion</em>: Honors French 2, US History G/T, English 9 G/T, Biology G/T, Geometry G/T, Chemistry G/T, Algebra 2 G/T, Computer Science 2 G/T, AP American Government, French 3 Honors, English 10 G/T, AP World History, AP Lang, AP Computer Science 3, Phyics G/T, AP Psychology, Latin 1 Honors.</p>

<p>My Senior Year classes - AP English Lang, AP Stats, AP Bio, Latin 2 honors, G/T Intern/Mentor Program</p>

<p>SAT I - 1810, not impressive i know, but I will retake it again whenschool starts up again. I Im taking 2 SAt Subjects tests when school starts again - Biology and U.S. History. </p>

<p>GPA-3.54 (UW) 4.2 (W) - might have those mixed up,idk. Not sure if my senior year GPA for 1st quarter would factor in, but I’m hoping it would boost it a little bit.</p>

<p>Here are my EC’s: Im actually actively involved with all of these, not just someone with a list a mile long but only an inch deep.

  • National Honor Society
    -Treasurer for Young Democrats
    -Executive Board Secretary
    -Secretary of Black Student Achievement Program
  • TOMS Shoes Campus Club
    -200+ Volunteer Hours Rebuilding Homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA
    -200+ Volunteer Hours serving the low-income community of Hurley, VA
    -200+ Volunteer Hours helping out in community of Jacksonville, FL
    -Mentored Hispanic Children from Low-income families in computers and robotics - PC4KIDS
    -Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (M.E.S.A.) - Placed 1st place in cargo plane for regionals, 1st place for bridge in regionals.
    -National Art Honor Society
    -AP Scholars
    -National Technology Honor Society
    -L.E.O. - Leading Each Other: helped incoming freshmen cope with the new stress of high school, helped people with other issues,
    -National Society of Black Engineers
    -Part Time Job as Cashier at Restaurant
    -Part time Job as Cashier at Best Buy</p>

<p>In my essays, I will mention that I was diagnosed with PCOS and uveitis at the beginning of my sophmore year - the reason my GPA sorta dropped, but I picked it back up my junior year. I had to take monthly injections in my eyes, weekly blood transfusions, weekly injections of methotrexate, and other medicines that had their side effects.</p>

<p>So please drop your opinions, they are greatly appreciated! If there are other schools that you think would be a match for me, please let me know!</p>


<p>Your extracurriculars seem very good. Your GPA could be a little bit higher. You should try to aim for a SAT 1900+, and you should try to get excellent scores on your SAT subject tests. With that and a great essay you can get in. Try to focus on your SATs, their the only way to boost your application, and if possible your grades (though one trimester more will not make a huge difference on your grade). But still great work.</p>

<p>I am also applying to George Washington Univ.</p>

<p>@calique - thanks for your input! I have been studying all summer, and hopefully i will get a 1900+ I'm applying regular decision, and so hopefully atleast my 1st quarter of senior year will atleast show some improvement, even if it doesnt affect my gpa that much.</p>

<p>Yes, at least colleges love improvements. The problems with SATs is that they are so hard to raise after the original score. But still good luck. Oh and if you are getting good grades Subject Tests should not be that difiicult.</p>

<p>thanks for the positive motivation!</p>

<p>As mentioned above, try to get your SAT score up a bit (100-200 points). Your ECs are very, very impressive, and your service work puts Mother Theresa to shame. I would be surprised if BC did not admit you based on your community service alone! Best of luck!</p>

<p>awww thanks! you're making me blush. i will definately try harder with my SAT's</p>

<p>just wanted to make sure you knew this: BC</a> Places in the Top Ten in “LGBT-Unfriendly” and “Little Race/Class Interaction” Rankings The Good Word</p>

<p>"Im actually actively involved with all of these, not just someone with a list a mile long but only an inch deep." - hate to break it to you, but no, you are not actively involved in that many things, or you just don't understand what actively involved means. also, look at the common app, there aren't that many spaces for activities, and no one is going to read your supplemental information sheet.</p>

<p>I would say improve your SAT scores and you should have a good shot, especially with your service, which BC loves. Not sure if you have thought about essays, but that could make a great topic that would work well for BC. </p>

<p>Don't be put off by princeton review. Come visit BC and see if you like it. It's a mostly white school, but racism among students is non-existent. There is an active Black Student Union on campus and various culture groups, but the school is also not segregated and most people have friends outside their ethnic group.</p>

<p>@cGeorge - and what is that supposed to mean? I think I would know what I spend my time doing...</p>

<p>@cGeorge - over the summer, I quit my job at the resturant, if thats what you mean</p>

<p>wow you are awesome. your essay ideas and character are superb.</p>

<p>don't apply to GW; apply to georgetown first</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>don't apply to GW; apply to georgetown first</p>

<p>My D was accepted to both GW and GU, including BC. Hated Georgetown vibe but loved BC and GWU. Ended up at BC. Not everyone likes a school just because it is ranked slightly higher....</p>

<p>wow you are awesome. your essay ideas and character are superb.</p>

<p>don't apply to GW; apply to georgetown first</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>@jshain what kind of vibe did she pick up at gt?</p>

<p>@jshain what kind of vibe did she pick up at gt? </p>

<p>"what kind of vibe did she pick up at gt?" </p>

<p>She thought GWU had a much more spirited student body. Really liked the dorms, the athletic center, the eateries and flex dining options at GWU. She liked the traditional campus at GU better but thought the buildings were right on top of each other. She liked the shopping areas in Georgetown but really didn't think she fit in at GU with the students there as well compared to the "less-assuming" students at GWU. She really liked the Foggy Bottom location of GW also.</p>

<p>@cgeorge, I strongly disagree with that assessment of BC. Interaction among everyone is very apparent. My D has many friends from various ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientation, as well as many of her other friends.</p>

<p>^^I just had to smile at your D's experience jshain, since my D had the exact opposite reaction to GW. For example, the flex (fast food) court, was a big turn-off, as was the lack of common ground/green spaces; hated Foggy Bottom. I guess that's why is always good to visit if you can. :)</p>

<p>@bluebayou - where did your daughter end up going? im always interested in these things =)</p>

<p>Well when it comes to prestige and better job placement...Georgetown is number 1 in DC. Plus GW lacks a united campus since it is so spread out. GW has a high tuition rate like gtown but it's financial aid is a lot more generous than gw. Gtowns prestige allows students to receive much better speakers, internships, and education!</p>