Chance me OOS student?

Hi! I know these are annoying and not always accurate, but I just want to know if I have a shot at getting into NC State or if I should save the application fee. Here are my stats :slight_smile:

GPA- 3.52 (uw), 3.72 (w) my school offers very little weight for AP classes, but my gpa should go up this year because I am getting a significant amount of weight from the college courses I am taking dual enrollment.
ACT- 32 composite, 33 science, 30 math, 33 reading, 32 english
no SAT

APs I’ve taken- Bio, US History, Eng Lang, Eng Lit, US Gov, Comp Gov
Senior Course load- Ancient History, AP Eng Lit, Dual enrollment calculus, band, Dual enrollment anatomy and physiology, dual enrollment American Sign Language, and AP Comp Gov

Marching Band- band captain (1 year), squad leader (3 years), uniform captain (3 years), librarian (1 year), section leader (2 years)
HS Play- Stage manager (3 years), props manager (1 year)
Junior High Play (I helped as a junior and senior in high school)- Student Director and Stage Manager (2 years)
One Act Play Festival- Director (2 years)
Local School Board Campaign- Campaign Manager (2 years)
Gay/ Straight Alliance- Leader (2 years)
Student Run Newspaper- Advertising Manager (1 year)

Awards- yearly honor roll, (I don’t know if the following are relevant but I’ll list them anyways?) best supporting actress, most professional, best crew member (awards I received from the theatre)

Over 50 hours of volunteer helping tutor students and helping with various political campaigns (Ohio gubernatorial race, Ohio secretary of state race, and the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as the local school board election mentioned above.)

Work Experience (again, not sure if this is relevant)- Oakwood City Schools service staff working as a janitor over the summers. 2 summers of work, working 40 hour weeks for both summers. We cleaned classrooms and performed various other janitorial duties, and the second summer I worked, I helped supervise the crew as well.
-Kona Ice of Central Dayton- (2 hours/ week) As a server on this food truck, I mainly helped take customers’ money and make the product, shaved ice.

I also have various other extracurriculars where I am just a member with no leadership position.

I am interested in applying to the school of engineering with the intended major of computer science. Thank you soo much for all of your help!!!


@EmmFisk You posted relevant information about your stats and ECs/community involvement/ work but a key component to your application to NC State is in the title of your post. As an OOS student, you are not applying for 1 of the approximately 4K freshmen spots, you are competing for 1 of the OOS spots. NC State can only accept up to 18% of the freshman class from OOS. The engineering program is a competitive program to get into so that creates another challenge. I won’t chance you as I have no idea but did want to provide that information about the cap on OOS students in case you were not aware. Good luck!

Thank you!