Chance me OOS University of Florida 2025

OOS student, white, upper middle class
captain of tennis team, several regional and state awards
worked 30 hours a week all through high school
full IB diploma + 20 college credits from private university attached to my high school/UC Berkeley online
great teacher recommendations
leadership positions in organizing tutoring and working with students one on one
published writing and editor for schools creative writing magazine
3.9 GPA (my school doesnt weight or rank), and 34 ACT.
Applied premed with multiple college math credits and extra science classes. Any thoughts?

You are good! Go Gators!

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NHS member
captain of very successful school trivia team
And international peer mentor
Commended national merit scholar but not finalist
Any feedback would be appreciated!

@addygefre Wait, holdup… Why University of Florida? What state are you in? There’s plenty of better universities for you then Univ of Florida.

I have really limited financial resources so I only applied to schools I could afford. Florida was a good school I could afford so I really want to get in!

Yeah, but what state and what major? Surely there are better schools with cheaper programs then University of Florida.

do you think your good enough to pay on the Univeristy of Florida tennis team?