Chance me?/ Other schools I should apply to

<p>I am really afraid I am not going to get into any college :(( (I know its overdramatic but I am very scared)
I have a weighted GPA of 4.98. AP classes weren't offered freshman or sophomore year but I took a class above honors which was the highest level at my school. After that (junior/senior year) I took a lot of APs (mostly all APs) and if they weren't offered then honors. I will graduate with about 11/12 AP classes. I got a 32 on my ACT but I am taking it one more time and I prepared myself this time so I hope to do better. I don't know if my extracurriculars are all that amazing. I ran track and cross country. Member (holding leadership positions) in 3 clubs since freshman year. I also had an internship in the field that I hope to study. Also in several honor societies. I am also fully hispanic, I don't know if that will help. That's about it. I think my letters of recommendation will be good and so will my essays. If you could offer any other schools I should look into that would be awesome too! Thanks</p>


Overdramatic is the understatement of the year, LOL. I think what you mean is that you are afraid you won’t get into a college that is considered top flight, such as the ones that are the most competitive to get into.</p>

<p>One thing you need to expand on is the GPA scale your school uses. 4.98 (W) means nothing without context. Also if you could provide the unweighted GPA that is useful, and your class rank if you know it.</p>

<p>Your AP total is excellent, that’s a very rigorous schedule. 32 is a very good ACT score, but certainly if you manage to get it to a 33 or 34 that is just that much better. But a 32 will help you get into a lot of excellent schools.</p>

<p>The way this “game” is played, you want to apply to some number of very competitive schools that appeal to you. I like about 6, but that is up to you. WUSTL, Duke, Chicago, Vanderbilt are good examples, but you need to decide if these are schools that are attractive to you based on what you are looking for in a school. The academic quality of the students at all those schools is among the best in the country. Then you want to apply to about the same number of schools that are at the next level of competitiveness, excellent schools that are not quite as difficult to get into. Examples of these schools (and of course there are more of them than the ones at the very top) are Tulane, Miami (FL), USC, Wake Forest, so on and so forth. Finally you should apply to a few (maybe 3) that you are sure to get into. Your state school might be in that category, depending on your state.</p>

<p>Just my approach and opinion, but hopefully that helps. Get back to us on that GPA issue.</p>

<p>I agree with Fallen Chemist. We need to your UW GPA. Also, what is it you want to study? Any part of the country you’d want to live? Are you looking for a large school, medium sized school, or a LAC? </p>

<p>With a 32 on the ACT, a high GPA (still need to know the context of the GPA), and a pretty good list of EC, I think that you can sleep at night knowing you will get into a good school.</p>