Chance Me? Out of State

<p>I live in New York...</p>

SAT= 670 CR, 550 Math, 650 Writing
3 yrs varsity track, spring and winter
President of School Newspaper
Club Interact, Best Buddies
Solid Essay and Letters of Recommendation.</p>

<p>I'm a reach, right?</p>

<p>Absolutely right. From what I read, OOS applicants have to have a much stronger profile than in-state, because the maximum OOS students they can admit is 3%.</p>

<p>Although UF does not brake down OOS admission stats they are much higher than in state. Last year's mean GPA was 4.30, SAT 1963 and ACT 30. Although UF caps OOS at a maximum of 3% the actual number admitted was substanially less. UF will have 6,300 freshman slots which will also be filled by athletic scholarship students and Talented Twenty students , UF is likely to admit 11,000 out of 33,000 applicants for the 6,300 slots. That is an admission rate of 33% If you look at sites such as College Data 411 , My College Chances or College Confidential you will see many OOS students that were competitive for Ivys or top 20 schools and who may have been admitted to one or more were denied at UF.
Simply stated to be competitive at UF OOS you need to be at the top of the heap with grades, SAT/ACT, EC's and the essay. Good Luck.</p>